2 CD

Label: Wardour 192
Country: Japan
Released: June 2016
Recorded: Live at Mini Estadi de FC Barcelona, Barcelona, Spain 1st August 1986 .
Sound: Audience recording
Comments:  From the last tour with Freddie. Ordinary 'Magic 86' show. As far as I know, this is the first pro-bootleg with this show.
Roots: Originaly from a audience tape recording.
Time: 58:00 / 46:23

Front cover

  CD 1
 01 Intro
 02 One Vision
 03 Tie Your Mother Down
 04 In The Lap Of The Gods...Revisited
 05 Seven Seas Of Rhye
 06 Tear It Up
 07 A Kind Of Magic
 08 Day-O
 09 Under Pressure
 10 Another One Bites The Dust
 11 Who Wants To Live Forever
 12 I Want To Break Free
 13 Impromptu
 14 Guitar Solo
 15 Now I'm Here
 CD 2
 01 Love Of My Life
 02 Is This The World We Created?
 03 (You're So Square) Baby I Don't Care
 04 Hello Mary Lou
 05 Tutti Frutti
 06 Bohemian Rhapsody
 07 Hammer To Fall
 08 Crazy Little Thing Called Love
 09 Radio Ga Ga
 10 We Will Rock You
 11 Friends Will Be Friends
 12 We Are The Champions
 13 God Save The Queen

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Back cover

This time another Magic tour our shop to release Barcelona performances of August 1. Speaking of where she, from the Queen late career, but is a translation rather the impressive land in Freddie’s solo release, Magic tour had also been selected to show areas of where was approaching to the end. This is in front of the performance there is a release, “FREJUS MAGIC” from the Hungarian Rhapsody and our Wardour official, what is assumed that was also ahead of the final day Knebworth at hand to say. I would say the best time to fat has survived of the Magic tour. It results from the fact that has become the last of the live tour for the Queen as, there is a popular tour even among enthusiasts, but also of the evaluation that had been fine performance has been waged by the band mature over every night It had led to the height.

But in spite of such a time, from the LP until now until the CD, that all of the items did not come been released, live that had been overlooked is also the time of the Barcelona performance. Certainly audience recording of this day, in addition to the somewhat distant sound image, sound quality with a overhanging roughness of the overall mid-range. Also expected the audience recording of 1986 said, is a recording state of sufficiently Excellent class, tour the first day that our shop has released a few months ago: the “STOCKHOLM 1986 THE FIRST SHOW OF THE MAGIC TOUR” genealogy of you might get to imagine speaking to belong sound quality.

In that respect, it would be a state different from the student audience recording, such as in Berlin to be this time of the release. But that is also surprised more than anything, the best condition the first time in the band spree skip this day. When Freddie small pause dawning of the tour compared to this time had to not grasp the tone Berlin, it is another world of difference. Of course, that this tour unique momentum should call even with the Magic groove had shone even there, I think I understand if Moraere listening to Berlin CD.
But while aspects this day is amazing is that the tour has reached the final stage, but still will exhausted to the point that Utaimakuru Freddie in the best condition. The point is it has become a major attraction that unlike Berlin over in sound quality! Can be understood only by listening through a few songs from the opening, the difference in his voice of sharpness. From the beginning to the bonus “Hello Barcelona! Is anybody OK! Allright, oh yeah It’s nice to be back here after such a long time .. !!” and speak margin. If Freddie and the upper a voltage up to about this, of course the chemistry of toward the band also Upper tone. When it comes to the “Bohemian Rhapsody” it would be overwhelmed to fully repel the Berlin sing.

On the other hand seems to Barcelona performance, also appeared pleasing sense of realism of the scene. It was trying to start playing Brian the acoustic prompting the chorus to the audience, “Love Of My Life”, do they have what began to call the “bra-ear-down”. Before this kind of unusual scene, (Stop such of, fawn Do I) Freddie “I do not like it! Too much adulation” and laughed because I had a talk. Of course, is a much-Magic tour unique room full of scenes of the unity of the band, toward what Brian serving as “Soul Brother” than was the fun happening feel the humor of Nari Freddie.
And more than anything, Barcelona performances of existence, such as the time of the air pocket was gaping open I’ll release in the Magic tour late is, will the long-awaited mania around the world, and the first release in a limited press CD It made you. (Cut from the ending of Radio Ga Ga due to the master tape to 1 min after Zoletile injection of subsequent We Will Rock You is, carefully supplemented with another sound source the same day, has become the world’s first complete recording of board.)

No corner many times but, once again, please let me say. The Barcelona of the stage is really great. Ya serving as its performance, Atsu that would surpasses lightly even the Wembley of the official. Or different from the Knebworth became literally the last hurray for the queen, forced known of Magic tour late without mania must listen mistake great performance is here now!