2 CDR
Label: Gypsy Eye Project  GEP-377
Country: Japan.
Released: September 2022.
Recorded: Various studio tracks which isn't included on officially album in this versions. B-side, different language, solo works, collaborations with other artists etc...
Sound: Excellent studio recording.
Comments:  Japanese 2cdr from 'Gypsy Eye' label. Sale prices when released from JAP Yen 3000 - 3500.
A rare sound source collection “Ultimate Rarities” carefully selected from the long career of Brian May, the guitarist of Queen, is now available!
Notable recordings of solo and queen rare sound sources, sessions with Meatloaf and Cozy Powell, and precious studio sound sources of “Left Handed Marriage” that participated in the amateur era in 1967, including albums and official unreleased sound sources.
Collector’s item! It's a recommended rare sound source compilation that shows a variety of musicality other than Queen! !
Roots: From various sources, but previously a fan made 2 cdr has been made of this tracks. Originally from some officially records, and some from other sources. Collectors tapes, early tapes/ cdr etc...

Front cover

Back cover

01. A Time For Heroes (with Meatloaf)
02. Ride To Win
(with Cozy Powell – original version of ”Resurrection”)
03. Somewhere In Time
(with Cozy Powell – original version of ”Nothin’ But Blue”)
04. Driven By You
(Ford Ad version)
05. Driven By You
06. Just One Life
(Guitar version)
07. Appointment
(Left Handed Marriage 1967)
08. I Need Time
(Left Handed Marriage 1967)
09. She Was Once My Friend
(Left Handed Marriage 1967)
10. Lost Opportunity
(Queen Single B-Side)
11. Blues Breaker
12. Let Me Out
13. Son Of Starfleet
14. Starfleet
15. The Hitman
(Demo with Brian’s Vocals)
16. Too Much Love Will Kill You
(Piano Version)
17. Whatever Happened To Saturday Night
(a.k.a. Hot Patootie)
18. Driven By You
(Special version for DJ’s under extreme Stress)

01. Otro Lugar (”Another World” sung in Spanish by Brian)
02. The Amazing Spiderman (Mastermix)
03. The Amazing Spiderman (Sad Bit)
04. Too Much Love Will Kill You (Duet with Elizabeth Lamars)
05. Too Much Love Will Kill You (Original demo)
06. Too Much Love Will Kill You (Original instrumental demo)
07. My Boy
08. Love Token (Explicit version)
09. Cyborg (Instrumental)
10. Il Colossal (From the ”Pinocchio” OST)
11. What Are We Made Of (From the ”Pinocchio” OST)
12. FBI
13. Maybe Baby
14. Only Make Belive
15. MacBeth (Recorded in 1990 for a Macbeth stage play)
16. Olympic Theme (Unused theme for the 1988 Olympics)
17. Sleepy Blues (Unreleased demo)
18. Hard Business (Frank Stubbs series one – opening theme)
19. Hard Business (Frank Stubbs series one – instrumenal theme)
20. Hard Business (Frank Stubbs series one – closing theme
21. On My Way Up (Frank Stubbs series two – unused theme)

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