Label: Uxbridge 970
Country: Japan
Released: February 2019.
Recorded: Live at Budokan, Tokyo, Japan 16th February 1981.
Sound: Excellent audience recording.
Comments:  From the five dates  Japanese "The Game" tour in February 1981. All 5 concert has been released on bootleg cd's by several labels.
I'm not sure if this recordings comes from an previously bootleg, or from a new tape source.
Uxbridge label say's Ultimate perfect sound. I don't have this bootleg, so I don't know more. But this label use to release nice bootlegs.
Roots: Audience recorded tape.
Time: 61:21 / 47:41

Front cover

  CDR 1
 1. Intro
 2. Jailhouse Rock
 3. We Will Rock You  (fast)
 4. Let Me Entertain You
 5. Play The Game
 6. Mustapha
 7. Death On Two Legs
 8. Killer Queen
 9. I'm In Love With My Car
 10. Get Down Make Love
 11. Rock It (Prime Jive)
 12. Save Me
 13. Now I'm Here
 14. Dragon Attack ~
       Now I'm Here  (reprise)
 15. Love Of My Life
 CDR 2
 1. Keep Yourself Alive
 2. Drum Solo
 3. Guitar Solo
 4. Vultan's Theme ~
     Battle Theme
 5. Flash
 6. The Hero
 7. Crazy Little Thing Called Love
 8. Bohemian Rhapsody
 9. Tie Your Mother Down
 10. Another One Bites The Dust
 11. Sheer Heart Attack
 12. We Will Rock You
 13. We Are The Champions
 14. God Save The Queen

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Back cover

Review from Internet.
QUEEN in 1981 which built a big prime in the big hit of "THE GAME" and the movie "FLASH GORDON". The original recording of the performances that came back to Japan with its momentum is reprinted.
Such a work included in "February 16, 1981: Nippon Budokan Performance". Its masterpiece audience recording. Speaking of the performance in Japan in 1981, the other day I just introduced the masterpiece press 2CD "DEFINITIVE BUDOKAN 1981 2ND NIGHT (Wardour-314)". First of all, let's confirm the positional relationship with the schedule of the time.

February 12: Nippon Budokan
- 2 days off -
February 16: Nippon Budokan 【this work】
February 17: Nippon Budokan
February 18: Nippon Budokan

Over all, 5 shows. All Japan came to Japan this year was Nippon Budokan. This work is in the middle of it. It was also a restarting performance with a two day break. This work that recorded such a show is exceptional audience recording. It was master that I introduced as a press CD "PRIME JIVE (part of)" from Wardour label, once again digitized from its original cassette.
I think that you can imagine from being pressed, but this work is neat and beautiful recording. Although it is not a zero distance, the air feeling is transparent, and Freddy's singing voice reaches straight. Because the ringing is also master direct, the freshness of it is inhabited, and the sense of stability is also preeminent. It is a type that can be immersed in beauty rather than pushing with forceful force. Of course, it is not just singing voice. Amazing is the bass. Although this is not impressive again, it is Yorikaku Kumi. It is not where you can clearly see the base line, but it captures each gorgeous feel of attacks cleanly. Furthermore, the piano can be tasted up to the level of touch, Brian's red special shimmers in that ... .... It's a name recording that calls for a sense of uplifting.
Another thing is that it is the personality of this work. Inhale the great enthusiasm for enthusiasm, but in fact the upcoming conversation is engraved (little). Apparently it seems that he is coming with a friend who first sees QUEEN, and put an explanation between the songs. It seems to be a goal if you are normal, but this is quite good as well. Although it is unfortunate if it is criticized for Otaku smell, it is not so much that "the opening is pretty?" "It is pretty proud" in the word "How is it?", QUEEN love psychology is rolled out. In other words, it was not meeha, "I was rubbing a little while ago, Freddie is weak in knods", and I can sympathize (wry smile) strangely where I pretend to be cool. I keep the number of words lower than anything and I quiet as soon as I assume that the next song will start. In such a place I can feel the feeling I want the friend to feel the splendor of QUEEN.

Cruel talk time.
The overwhelming thing over such a momentary conversation is the show itself painted with beautiful sound. This is also wonderful. Freddie is doing well, high tension than anything else. The audience was saying "rubbed", and indeed "Play The Game" etc can be rubbed in some places, but it feels like I'm scooping up to the limit rather than saying no voice. The vocalization of "Mustapha" is also terrible enough to make you smile, and the powerful singing voice is delicious in one word. There is also a two - day holiday season, it 's a show going down.

The set also closely resembles "DEFINITIVE BUDOKAN 1981 2ND NIGHT", and the Flash medley is also a long version with "Vultan's Theme (a song that was used in Baltan's flight scene in the movie)". This is the 2nd time since "2ND NIGHT" was the world premiere. And more surprises are "Rock It (Prime Jive)"! I know that we played several times even at the North American leg, but it was not a later response fee, but also on the first day and the second day at the Budokan. I hear the audience's voice saying "I did not think this song was done!" With the intro of the shock, but it is a rare scene that I can share to the feeling that both hands become goo.

A live at Budokan in the greatest heyday. It is a masterpiece live album that you can experience the whole story with a wonderful sound. To tell the truth, although it was introduced from the Uxbridge label because re-digitization did not make enough difference to be reborn, press CD is a suitable name recording. Please take this opportunity to enjoy plenty.