CHICAGO 1982  1st. Night 


Label: Uxbridge 589
Country: Japan
Released: 2016
Recorded: Live at Poplar Creek Music Theatre, Hoffman Estates, IL, USA on 13th August 1982.
Sound: Audience recording
Comments:  First night on the North American 'Hot Space' tour in 1982.
Time: 48:16 / 44:11

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 1. Intro: Flash's Theme  (tape)
 2. Rock It
(Prime Jive)
 3. We Will Rock You
 4. Action This Day
 5. Play The Game
 6. Staying Power
 7. Now I'm Here
 8. Dragon Attack
 9. Now I'm Here
 10. Save Me
 11. Calling All Girls
 12. Get Down Make Love
 13. Guitar Solo
 1. Under Pressure
 2. Fat Bottomed Girls
 3. Crazy Little Thing Called Love
 4. Bohemian Rhapsody
 5. Tie Your Mother Down
 6. Body Language
 7. Another One Bites The Dust
 8. We Will Rock You
 9. We Are The Champions
 10. God Save The Queen....

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Review from internet page.
Gigantic masterpiece of "HOT SPACE TOUR 1982" Life Is Real (Song for Lennon) rare can hear in the best sound is introduced. This film's audience recordings containing "8/1982 13, Hoffman performances. Anyway sounds great, energetic performances, very rare songs. It is the signature of excellence in music albums should all have.
This work up to the point I also super valuable "Life Is Real (Song for Lennon)" soundtrack. Name ballad recorded "HOT SPACE" in the title and the song was dedicated to John Lennon to adored Freddie Mercury. You know is that this song was played live or will at no faster than. While in fact the beautiful melody of strange little played. This is the last performance, but throughout the entire career was played only a few times in Hong. Also remains as a source of Hoffman performances of this work, New Jersey performed two, is a very very rare in very rare performance.
"So unusual, though ROAR and ROAR..." and get beyond tsui考 is a collector of, this film's great sound turns out such bias. "Sounding board," that is, of course, audience recording of the early 80's is on par line recording musical core is thick and straight stretches (different nuances of the sound, though). Without distortion or noise, cutting one of Brian may's guitar by bright, John Deacon "Swell" detail. Realistic feel the breath until reached the voice of Freddie's. Is classified into three European leg, leg North American and Japan performed "HOT SPACE TOUR 1982", this film is a core collectors across North America leg best sound and is a possible recording.
That helped so much in sound's audience. Colorful playing hot frenzy of "Poplar Creek music theater" scene and became an open space to accommodate approximately 25000 people are gathered there, only not in the way. It is not the inaudible cheers. Even while playing with the presence of the audience felt firmly, and garimasu a big ovation in between songs. However, easing, and the upcoming voice raspy and speaking voice is rarely rise to songs and fiercely, gently. Synchronized and brilliantly played, fueling the dynamics of the music. It is audience recordings are an ideal frenetic.
And also played the QUEEN was to see the enthusiastic Oh! that. Ad lib in Freddie's voice and instrumentals in the ending of the 'Action This Day' too freely. It is only this tour "Calling All Girls", "Body Language" great sound and performance, serving along with its Action This Day. And, after all "Life Is Real (Song for Lennon)". Brian tells said wrote to Freddy's special song, begins the play unusual magnificence even forgotten. Roger sings the melody of the chorus is there to harmonize Freddy, but tightens the chest sounded beautiful. Enough Conversely, such subtleties to diffuse sound in this film is great. Just listen to me thankfully rare songs, while still in "beautiful sound". Want to thank the goddess tapered recorded this work, QUEEN, and the recording time is.

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