2 CDR
Label: Uxbridge 1784
Country: Japan.
Released: December 2022.
Recorded: Live at Ford Auditorium, Detroit, MI, USA 10th February 1975.
Sound: Audience recording.
Comments:  From 'Sheer Heart Attack' US tour winter 1975. Looks like a complete recording.
The band come back on stage after the PA tape played 'God Save The Queen' at the end, and played one more song. This is the ONLY time the band did that in history.
Roots: Audience recorded tape.
Time: 50:14 / 36:05

Front cover
 CDR 1
 1. Intro: Procession (cuts in, on tape)
 2. Now I’m Here
 3. Ogre Battle
 4. Father To Son
 5. White Queen
 6. Flick of the Wrist
 7. Medley: In The Lap Of The Gods ~
 8.                 Killer Queen ~
 9.                 The March of the Black Queen
 10. Bring Back That Leroy Brown
 11. Son And Daughter
(tape flip after song)
 12. Keep Yourself Alive
 CDR 2 


 1. Stone Cold Crazy
 2. Liar
 3. In The Lap of the Gods… Revisited
 - - - - - - - encore - - - - - - -
 4. Big Spender
 5. Modern Times Rock ‘n Roll
 6. Jailhouse Rock
 7. God Save The Queen  (on tape)
 - - - - - - - encore II - - - - - -

 8. See What A Fool I’ve Been

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Back cover
Review from internet page.

QUEEN’s 2nd encore, which has been confirmed only once in history. A new excavation live album that allows you to experience the miracle site is now available.
Usually, QUEEN’s concerts end with “God Save The Queen” playing. This is an eternal promise. However, only once, there was a night when the four reappeared after “God Save The Queen” flowed and performed the 2nd encore. That is “February 10, 1975 Detroit Performance”. This work is an audience recording that conveys the scene.

Speaking of 1975, it was a year of leap for QUEEN. With the first hits of “SHEER HEART ATTACK” and the single “Killer Queen” as a trigger, they spread their wings around the world and even made their legendary first visit to Japan. It was an era when I would jump up the stairs to the coming “Night at the Opera”. First of all, let’s look back on the history and see when the 2nd encore was just once.

● 1974
・October 30-November 20: UK (19 performances) ← *Official RAINBOW ’74
《“Sheer Heart Attack” released on November 8》
・November 23-December 13: Europe (11 performances)

● 1975
・February 5-24: North America #1 (19 performances) ← here
・ March 5-April 6: North America # 2 (21 performances)
・ April 19-May 1: First visit to Japan (8 performances)
《August-November “A Night at the Opera” production》

This is the overall picture of the activities related to “SHEER HEART ATTACK”. This year’s US tour was interrupted by a breakdown in Freddie’s throat on the way. It is roughly divided into two with about a week of rest in between. This work is a record of “North America # 1” before the failure. Let’s take a closer look at the schedule here and organize our collection.

● Details of “North America #1”
・ February 5-9 (4 performances)
*February 10th: Detroit performance ← ★This work★
・February 11th + 14th (2 performances)
* February 15 “BOSTON 1975 LATE SHOW”
・ February 16: New York performance (early)
* February 16 “NEW YORK 1975 (late)”
・February 17-23 (5 performances)
*February 24 “WASHINGTON 1975”
《Freddie’s Throat Problem》

… and it looks like this. The Detroit performance of this work was the fifth performance, which is the earliest stage of the North American leg. So far, the oldest record in 1975 was “BOSTON 1975 LATE SHOW”, but recently a new recording has been discovered that goes back even further. That is what this work is about.
This work, which conveys such a scene, is a vintage audience that prioritizes preciousness. Although it was a historic excavation, there was damage to the discovered master cassette. Overall, there is a feeling of instability and stiffness, and shaking occurs periodically. A few tapes also have dropouts due to damage. Previously, it was a recording that was likely to be left as it was, but now QUEEN is also becoming more aware of archives, and if it becomes “the only show in history”, it will not be left alone. Overseas enthusiasts have carefully remastered it, and it has been released after a major upgrade that can be heard as a music work.

This work, based on the remastered version, actually gives us a glimpse of the original sound that was a masterpiece recording. As expected, it doesn’t look beautiful, but the noise has been reduced considerably and the stability has been carefully adjusted, so the core strength and details that were originally sucked in have been pushed to the front. I can understand the subtle nuances of Freddie’s vibrato and Brian’s chalking.

A historical full show that I had no idea about until now, depicted with such a vintage sound. The most recent “BOSTON 1975 LATE SHOW (Uxbridge 1504)” was an incomplete recording, so let’s organize the set while comparing it with the press masterpiece “NEW YORK 1975 (Wardour-416)”.

● Sheer Heart Attack (7 songs)
・Now I’m Here/ Flick Of The Wrist/ In The Lap Of The Gods/ Killer Queen/ Bring Back That Leroy Brown/ Stone Cold Crazy/ In The Lap Of The Gods…Revisited
● Others (12 songs)
・Queen II: Procession/Ogre Battle/Father To Son/White Queen (As It Began)/The March Of The Black Queen/See What A Fool I’ve Been (★)
・Others: Son And Daughter / Keep Yourself Alive / Liar / Big Spender / Modern Times Rock ‘n’ Roll / Jailhouse Rock
* Note: “★” marks are songs that could not be heard on the latest press masterpiece “NEW YORK 1975”.

… and it looks like this. Basically the set is the same, but the point is the last one. In response to the expectations of the audience who are excited grandly, the reappearing four people will show off the 2nd encore “See What A Fool I’ve Been”. Also, even in the main part of the set, the amount of heat and heat swirling enough to draw out the 2nd encore. The enthusiastic performance ignites the enthusiasm of the audience, and the amount of heat heats up QUEEN herself on the stage. You can be in the middle of a chemical change between the band and the audience.
Although it’s hard to say that the sound is “excellent!”, the real thrill of being able to fully experience the ultimate rare “2nd encore night” is irreplaceable. Although it is for maniacs, it is a new excavation live album that maniacs must listen to. Please fully enjoy the best version, which has been greatly updated with the best remastering.

★ Audience recording of “Detroit performance on February 10, 1975”, which had a 2nd encore only once in history. Unfortunately, the master cassette was damaged in a recently excavated recording, but overseas enthusiasts restored the whole body due to its high value. It’s a big upgrade version that impresses me that it’s easy to listen to so far. After “God Save The Queen”, “See What A Fool I’ve Been”, which is played again in response to the enthusiasm, is a must-listen.