2 CDR
Label: Uxbridge 989
Country: Japan
Released: March 2019
Recorded: Live at Jissen Rinri Kinenkan, Kanazawa, Japan 21st April 1979.
Sound: Audience recording.
Comments:  From the Japanese 'Jazz' tour spring 1979. Look's like a great set list.
The 'Trident Years 73/74', and this 'Jazz Tour' is my favorite Queen live area.
Roots: Audience recorded tape.
Time: 63:32 / 51:54

Front cover
 1. Intro: Thunder & Lighting  (tape)
 2. We Will Rock You (Fast)
 3. Let Me Entertain You
 4. Somebody To Love
 5. Death On Two Legs
 6. Killer Queen
 7. Bicycle Race
 8. I'm In Love With My Car
 9. Get Down Make Love
 10. You're My Best Friend
 11. Now I'm Here
 12. Teo Torriatte
 13. Don't Stop Me Now
 14. Dreamers Ball
 15. Love Of My Life
 16. Band Introductions
 17. '39
 1. It's Late
 2. Spread Your Wings
 3. Brighton Rock
 4. Guitar & Drum Solo
 5. Brighton Rock  (reprise)
 6. Keep Yourself Alive
 7. Bohemian Rhapsody
 8. Tie Your Mother Down
 9. Sheer Heart Attack
 10. We Will Rock You
 11. We Are The Champions
 12. God Save The Queen

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Back cover


Kanazawa performance of "JAZZ JAPAN TOUR" realized by the signature movement of the fan. The ultra-realistic document album to be set up in the field is coming up.
What is included in such a work is "April 21, 1979: Practice Ethics Memorial Hall" performances. It is the masterpiece audience recording. This year's Japan Tour is the largest in the history of QUEEN in Japan. Since we have archived in a number of masterpieces in our shop, first let's organize the collection by the date.

・ April 13 "BUDOKAN 1979 1ST NIGHT"
・ April 14 "BUDOKAN 1979 2ND NIGHT"
・ April 19th + 20th "DEFINITIVE OSAKA 1979"
・ April 21: Practice Ethics Memorial Hall  This bootleg.
・ April 23: "PRIDE AND JOY"
・ April 24: Nippon Budokan
・ April 25: "BUDOKAN 1979"
・ April 27: Kobe Central Gymnasium "KOBE 1979"
・ April 30 + May 1: "MEMORIAL GYM"
・ May 2: Yamaguchi Prefectural Gymnasium
・ May 5th + 6th: Makomanai Ice Arena
※ Note: Only representative works each day.

Above, all 15 performances. It was the first time in three years, so I went around the archipelago from Sapporo in the north to Fukuoka in the south. Among them, Kanazawa performances are also realized. While QUEEN performed 50 times in Japan during Freddy's life, the show in Kanazawa was only once after this.
This work which recorded such a valuable show is a voracious and realistic vintage audience. To be honest, the distance to the stage is quite reasonable, so it is a sound that requires some familiarity with the audience, but if you get used to it you can soak yourself in. Above all, the singing voice that cuts through the space is clear. "I'm glad we came to Kanazawa" only once in history, "toasts after" Somebody To Love "," Good evening everyone by Brian. How are you. How are you? ", Etc. You can listen to the MC one by one as well (it is more obvious than the song part, probably because there is no performance).

The show drawn with such quality is a real document that is also a real enthusiasm for Kanazawa. Just as the show achieved by the signature movement as mentioned above, the delight that was awaited is really wonderful. The immediate voice is about the song interval, but from the place of the venue, a yellow scream that responds promptly to Freddie's every move. It's sometimes far, sometimes (slightly) close, repeating small explosions. Just listening to that cheer is so realistic that Freddie's action comes to the eye.
That small explosion turns into a large explosion is "hand in hand". "Sing along with me" just makes a big loud cheer, and it feels like Freddie's calling the song title or the pressure on the Ethics Hall to swell. Among them, not only the yellow hoarse voice, but also the male voice “Wow!” Is mixed here and there. And, the sea of ​​a wide, wide chorus of clapping hands and a wide, broad chorus .... It is originally a special song only for Japan, but the Osaka performance the day before is the whole world premiere, and this day is the second time. Unlike the modern days of the internet, there is no reason for the audience at that time to know the show of the day before.

Their fresh surprises and delights are stained with eyes and chest. As a matter of fact, QUEEN at that time had a full four-month tour of North America / Europe prior to Japan, so Fredy and Bryan can not say that this day either. But that doesn't matter. This delight is only for this time. I stand in front of the fans of Kanazawa who gathered my signature, and the performance with the gratitude is only this night. It's a real album that lets you breathe in the smell of the scene with you in such a space.

The night of Kanazawa, which was realized in spring 40 years ago from now, only once. It is a live album that can be immersed in a sense of reality that smells the scene. A two-disc set filled with the freshness of such a vintage audience. Please enjoy yourself at this opportunity.