Studio sessions & rarities 1983-1986

 1 CDR ?
Label: Eye Of The Storm  EOS
Country: Mexico
Released: Around 2018 +/-  I'm not sure.
Recorded: Studio recordings 1972 -1974.
Sound: I guess more than less excellent.
Comments:  Mexican pro-cdr bootleg with various studio tracks. I don't have this bootleg, so not sure of all sources to this collection, of more than less rare versions of Queen tracks.
Regular Size CD packaged in cardboard mini (LP-style) gatefold sleeve. Includes exclusive artwork, detailed inserts with pictures, texts & detachable promo strip.
I'm not sure if this is a 1cdr or a 2cdr. Incredible with 26 tracks on one cdr.
Roots: Various.

Front cover
QUEEN I SESSIONS (1972-1973)
01. Keep Yourself Alive (Trident Studios early version)
02. Keep Yourself Alive (guitar layers)
03. Keep Yourself Alive (lost re-take single edit)
04. Liar (US single version)
05. Son And Daughter (Australian censured mix)
06. Silver Salmon (version 4)
07. Polar Bear (take 2)

08. White Queen (EP version)
09. Ogre Battle (Nicholas Sausano mix)
10. March Of The Black Queen (take 3)
11. March Of The Black Queen (take 4)
12. Funny How Love Is (take 5)
13. Funny How Love Is (Japan single version)
14. Seven Seas Of Rhye (elements mix)

15. Brighton Rock (unedited carousel sound)
16. Brighton Rock (basic track)
17. Brighton Rock (guitar layers)
18. Killer Queen (demo)
19. Killer Queen (vocal harmonies)
20. Tenement Funster (basic track)

21. Flick Of The Wrist (Dutch single version)
22. Lily Of The Valley (US single version)
23. Now Iím Here (elements mix)
24. Stone Cold Crazy (instrumental mix)
25. Stone Cold Crazy (Trent Reznor mix)
26. Misfire (demo)

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