1 CDR
Label: Eye Of The Storm
Country: Mexico
Released: I guess 2018
Recorded: Various studio demos etc.
Sound: I guess more than less excellent.
Comments:  Mexican cdr which contains studio works from mention sessions.
I'm unsure of the source of some of these tracks, but overall I guess it's more than less correct the info on each track. Leaked studio works or similar.
Most of them are available on other bootlegs, or YouTube etc...
Roots: Basically from tapes or similar formats.

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Crazy Little Thing Session (1979)
 01. Crazy Little Thing Called Love
(acoustic mix)
 02. Sandbox

The Game Sessions (1980)
 03. The Game
(basic track)
 04. Another One Bites The Dust
(elements mix)
 05. Sail Away Sweet Sister
(unedited instrumental + take 1)
 06. Coming Soon
(early mix)
 07. Save Me
(synth demo)

David Bowie Session (1981)
 08. Feel Like [Under Pressure]
(early demo)
 09. Under Pressure
(vocal tracks)
 10. Cool Cat
(Freddie + David version)

Hot Space Sessions (1982)
 11. Staying Power
 12. Catfight For The Rest [Dancer]
(instrumental demo)
 13. Back Chat
 14. Action This Day
 15. Life Is Real
 16. Words Of Love

Freddie & Michael Jackson Session (1983)
 10. State Of Shock
 11. There Must Be More To Life Than This
(piano demo)
 11. There Must Be More To Life Than This
(duo demo)

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