2 CDR + 1 DVDR
Label: Uxbridge 997
Country: Japan
Released: March 2019.
Recorded: National Bowl, Milton Keynes, UK 5th June 1982.
Sound: Audience recording. I guess very good ~ excellent sound. DVDR= Pro rec.
Comments:  A complete audience recording of this UK concert on June 5th. 1982.
The hole concert was professional filmed & recorded. A part was later  broadcasted on television around the world.
The entire concert was released officially on 2cd, 3lp & DVD by Queen Production in October 2005.
This 2cdr release from Uxbridge label, seams to be a copy (can't confirm 100%) of the Milton Keynes 1982 'not on label' 2cdr release from last year. Same title has been used, but this one has a dvdr included.
Fred Mandel wrongly listed as keyboard player. He did keyboard on the USA & Japanese tour later that year.
Morgan Fisher did keyboard on this European tour.
Roots: Audience recorded tape. DVDR from a television broadcast.
Time: 56:01 /51:15

Front cover
 1. Intro: Flash's Theme  (tape)
 2. The Hero
 3. We Will Rock You 
 4. Action This Day
 5. Play The Game
 6. Staying Power
 7. Somebody To Love
 8. Now I'm Here
 9. Dragon Attack
 10. Now I'm Here 
 11. Love Of My Life
 12. Save Me
 13. Back Chat
 1. Get Down Make Love
 2. Guitar Solo
 3. Under Pressure
 4. Fat Bottomed Girls
 5. Crazy Little Thing Called Love
 6. Bohemian Rhapsody
 7. Tie Your Mother Down
 8. Another One Bites The Dust
 9. Sheer Heart Attack
 10. We Will Rock You
 11. We Are The Champions
 12. God Save The Queen

DVD-R (52:29)
Broadcast Date: 24th November 2003
National Bowl, Milton Keynes, UK 5th June 1982

 1. Intro: Flash's Theme  (tape)
 2. The Hero
 3. We Will Rock You  (fast)
 4. Play The Game
 5. Staying Power
 6. Somebody To Love
 7. Now I'm Here
 8. Love Of My Life
 9. Save Me
 10. Fat Bottomed Girls
 11. Bohemian Rhapsody
 12. Tie Your Mother Down
 13. We Are The Champions
 14. God Save The Queen


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Back cover

"Milton Keynes performance on June 5, 1982" which became official masterpiece "QUEEN ON FIRE: LIVE AT THE BOWL". A gorgeous set where you can enjoy that masterpiece from a different perspective. The Milton Keynes performance was a really great performance. Freddie's pros and cons vary greatly depending on the show and season, but this show is really in good shape. The album “HOT SPACE” was a pros and cons, but the accompanying tour was a great success. In particular, the European continental tour before the release and the home country tour just after the release are high tension shows that hit the sky. The highlight was Milton Keynes. First of all, let's check the flow of the time from the whole world tour.

  "March" HOT SPACE "completed"
  -April 9-May 22: Europe (26 performances)
  "May 21" HOT SPACE "released"
  -May 29-June 5: United Kingdom (4 Performance) ← ★ Coco ★ ·
  - July 21-September 15: North America (33 performances)
  - October 19-November 3: Japan (6 performances)

This is the overall picture of “HOT SPACE TOUR 1982”. The European / British tour is a series of almost uninterrupted tours, and the last Milton Keynes performance of this work. It was also the final performance before flying to North America / Japan. The pattern is familiar with “QUEEN ON FIRE: LIVE AT THE BOWL”, but this work is the best audience recording that captured the scene from the viewpoint of the audience on Disc 1-2, and the Japanese broadcast pro shot on Disc 3 It is a three-disc set. Let's introduce each individually.

[Disc 1-2: Full audience recording]
First comes the real audience recording. It's not the type that makes you feel like "sound board!" Or "best recording !!" but that's not the kind of explosion or roar. A master newly discovered in recent years, it is difficult to understand the details and subtleties, but a huge enthusiastic voice pierces through a huge enthusiasm, and a thick performance approaches a lot of power. I've been sucking in both the chorus and the captain, but the performance of QUEEN is the sound that doesn't give up the main role. And what is wonderful is the feeling of the site that honors the heroes of their home country. Singing a group of famous songs from the past, you can fully enjoy Freddie's call and response. Moreover, the real-time feeling is delicious. Although the new song “HOT SPACE” just released is given a generous song, it is not as familiar as it can be. I don't remember the lyrics, but I'm just crying out the chorus and the long sound of "Oh!" It feels like a Japanese performance screaming with lyrical lyrics, but it's strangely refreshed right after its release ... The feeling of the festival that wraps around the site is also good. The National Bowl is a circular outdoor venue that has created a number of legends, but it has plenty of openness and an innocent mood to enjoy early summer music events. Just by closing your eyes, the scent of blue-smelling grass and the wide blue sky come out so realistic. Of course, a must-see show is also essential. It is an official work, but this work is 100% unprocessed. Troubles during the guitar solo that was shortened to 3 seconds in the official are also recorded exactly.

[Disc 3: Nippon Broadcasting Pro Shot]
The following disc 3 is a multi-camera pro-shot of the same Milton Keynes performance. However, it is not the official version, but it is a Japanese broadcast version that was aired as "THE GREAT ROCK 'N' ROLL STORY Part 2" on November 24, 2003, which is Freddy's 12th anniversary. This broadcast was introduced before, but this time it is digitized again from Daimoto Master.
The DVD has been updated with the highest quality. This video was not yet officialized at the time of broadcasting, but the contents are actually different. It is an excerpt of about 53 minutes, half of the show, but it is not the only one.
Another angle is also used. For example, “Flash” performance scene. Although the official version used a fuzzy image process to switch between setting scenes and audience scenes, this work is basically a member. Moreover, you can see four people arriving by helicopter and waiting on the back of the stage with clear and realistic video beauty without image processing. And it is different after the performance. In general, it is the same as the official version, but the timing of cutting is different, and a scene that cannot be seen in the official appears in detail.
Also, I am happy that MC has its own Japanese subtitles. Before “Love Of My Life”, you can play “I want to sleep a little” or at the end, say “Thank you for 10 years of support”. Rather, I wonder why Japanese DVDs did not have subtitles. And this work is also different in sound from the official version. It is different from the mix, but it is interesting that it is uncensored more than that. The easiest to understand is “Fat Bottomed Girls”. In the official version, Freddie sings well from beginning to end, but in this work the voice is turned over in the second half of the song “Ain't no beauty queens in this locality”.
Of course, this is the real thing, but how did you correct the formula when the same lyrics didn't come out? Even so, this show is really amazing. The penetrating tension and the singing voice that stretches forever are tremendous. What a wonderful thing about “Somebody To Love” that vibrato trembles while improvising freely…. Some fans call it the “live masterpiece,” but it can be convinced without consent.
This is another version of such a great pro shot. I want to stand on the spot because the enthusiasm performance of the official work “QUEEN ON FIRE: LIVE AT THE BOWL” is ultimately wonderful. I want to feel the wind in the hall ... A gorgeous three-disc set featuring a new excavation audience recording that will make your fan's dream come true, and a Japanese broadcast pro shot that will allow you to see the backstage of the official production. A collector's edition that allows you to fully enjoy Freddie's greatest performance that blows away the pros and cons of the album "HOT SPACE".