Label: Uxbridge 937
Country: Japan
Released: December 2018
Recorded: Live at Olympia Hall, Munich, Germany 21st May 1982.
Sound: Audience recording.
Comments:  The first pro bootleg I've seen from this concert. Claimed to be a 1st. generation recording in excellent quality.
Uxbridge label use to be true in their words, so this should be a ok bootleg.
I don't have this bootleg, so I'm not sure the fact here.
I'm not sure of the beginning. Normally the show started with a tape intro of 'Flash Gordon Theme', and then 'The Hero'.
From the 'Hot Space' 1982 European tour. Morgan Fisher (ex. 'Mott The Hoople' appear on keyboard. Fred Mandel is wrongly listed. He played keyboard on the US & Japan tour later that year.
Roots: Audience tape.
Time: 34:54 / 51:54

Front cover

 1. The Hero
 2. Sheer Heart Attack
 3. Action This Day
 4. Play The Game
 5. Staying Power
 6. Somebody To Love
 7. Now I'm Here
 8. Dragon Attack
 9. Now I'm Here 

 1. Love Of My Life
 2. Save Me
 3. Get Down Make Love
 4. Guitar Solo
 5. Under Pressure
 6. Fat Bottomed Girls
 7. Crazy Little Thing Called Love
 8. Bohemian Rhapsody
 9. Tie Your Mother Down
 10. Another One Bites The Dust
 11. We Will Rock You
 12. We Are The Champions
 13. God Save The Queen

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Back cover

From the NET.

Europe 's leg of' HOT SPACE TOUR 1982 'where Freddie' s greatest success was a masterpiece. That new hidden album is appearing. Such recording was recorded "Munich performance on May 21, 1982". "HOT SPACE" This is an audience recording that inhaled the show that was held on the day of the release date.
The other day, the 4 piece set "COMPLETE EDINBURGH 1982" got a huge popularity, a major masterpiece of the Japanese performance "DEFINITIVE NAGOYA 1982" was released at the same time. Let's check the position of the show from the whole picture of "HOT SPACE TOUR".

 "March" HOT SPACE "completed
  April 9 - May 22: Europe (26 performances)
  May 21 "HOT SPACE" release "
 · May 29 - June 5 : UK (4 shows)
 · July 21 - September 15: North America (33 performances)
 · October 19 - November 3: Japan (6 performances)

This is the whole picture of the world tour. The tour began before the launch of "HOT SPACE", and new releases are launched to fit the last of the European continent. It was a schedule to return to my home country UK with that topic. This work is the 25th performances of such "Europe".
Munich 's performance was a two - day continuous performance and it was the first day of the concert.
The record of such a show was known for a long time, but unfortunately it is a tough sound that can not be heard. It was a type that was valued only among good-nominee's core maniacs. To tell the truth, this work is also its secret recording, but it is not exactly the same. It is a direct digitization of 1st Gen Master, which was discovered in recent years. In fact, the sound has become wonderful to make a mistake. Master of traditional master was Mokomoko, it seemed that Freddie's voice was also singing while brushing teeth. However, in this work, the core which it took refresher reaches at hand, vividness which it can understand to the lyric properly properly.

As expected, the recording itself is the same, so it can not be said that it is "a sound board", but the bass that tends to be a weakness of the audience is also solid, and it is not especially maniac person if even familiar with the customer record is done Even it is reborn as a sound that can be fully soaked. And because it is a stunning vintage sound, the splendor of the show is conveyed with skin sensation. I was surprised at the beginning.

Speaking of "HOT SPACE TOUR", "QUEEN ON FIRE" is familiar. Just like that masterpiece, "The Hero" will be launched, and to the fast "We Will Rock You" ... When I thought it was ... ... Sheer Heart Attack! Take off with a short arrangement and snow to the "Action This Day". This flow is perfect for the opening mood and it is cool. Actually, it was the flow I was doing in the Kassel performance one before, but only this two performances are confirmed. In "UK" tour it is returned to "We Will Rock You" again. As a matter of fact, mania has loved this recording even in Mokomoko · sound because there was this rare rare arrangement / directing. It became possible to listen it with wonderful sound.
Of course, it is not the end of the early stage. The best show that continues after that is wonderful. If it's a usual tour, it will be tiring as the final stage of the leg, but this work does not have it. Although the European version of "HOT SPACE TOUR" was a succession of nomination and entertainment, even if it came here, Freddie flew away and rolled up.
It is so wonderful why Freddie of that time was up to this point. Treasures recording upgraded enough to mistake by 1st Gené · master. Again, the recording itself does not change completely, and some audience acclimation is necessary.
However, this work has more than enough value to get used to. Not only can one not only experience one of the best European tours of the best condition but also a rare record that can also enjoy rare "The Hero → Sheer Heart Attack → Action This Day".