2 CDR
Label: Uxbridge 1205
Country: Japan.
Released: February 2020.
Recorded: Live at City Hall, Newcastle, UK 3rd December 1979.
Sound: Audience recording.
Comments:  The first night in Newcastle on this 'Crazy Tour', which I think i the best tour Queen ever did, together with the QUEEN II tour back in 1974.
See below for more information of recordings of this 'Crazy tour' before Christmas Time in 1979.
As far as I know, it's a complete performance.
Some few concerts open with 'Let Me Entertain You', instead of the fast version of 'We Will Rock You', which was the ordinary opener in this period. 
Roots: Audience recorded tape.
Time: 61:37 / 46:17

Front cover
 1. Intro: Thunder & Lighting  (tape)
 2. Let Me Entertain You
 3. Tie Your Mother Down
 4. Somebody To Love
 5. If You Can't Beat Them
 6. Mustapha
 7. Death On Two Legs
 8. Killer Queen
 9. I'm In Love With My Car
 10. Get Down, Make Love
 11. You're My Best Friend
 12. Save Me
 13. Now I'm Here
 14. Don't Stop Me Now
 15. Spread Your Wings
 1. Love Of My Life
 2. '39
 3. Fat Bottomed Girls
 4. Keep Yourself Alive
 5. Drum & Guitar solo
 6. Brighton Rock  (ending)
 7. Bohemian Rhapsody
 8. Sheer Heart Attack
 9. Crazy Little Thing Called Love
 10. We Will Rock You
 11. We Are The Champions
 12. God Save The Queen

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Back cover

From Internet page.

A miraculous tour “CRAZY TOUR” where Freddie was in full swing in the entire history of QUEEN. That precious live album is coming.
What is recorded in this work is "Performance in Newcastle on December 3, 1979". This is the audience recording. The other day, we reported on "GLASGOW 1979 2ND NIGHT (Uxbridge 1201)", but there is no tour that can be called a "miracle" as much as "CRAZY TOUR". Freddie was a very bad person every day, except for "CRAZY TOUR".

Every day, every night is in great shape. It is not only that the throat is in good condition, but also the bursting tension of “LIVE AID”. “LIVE AID” was able to keep the tension and throat for about 25 minutes, but it ran for a full show of more than 100 minutes. As a matter of fact, even on other tours, "LIVE AID Bari Full Show" has a lot of pops, but "CRAZY TOUR" is a night and day.
Since there are only 5 performances left, it is impossible to say whether it is a full performance, but at least the 5 performances are all transcendent and have a 100% performance rate.

 This work is a masterpiece live album that conveys a part of "CRAZY TOUR". In our shop, the masterpiece "NEWCASTLE 1979 2ND NIGHT (Uxbridge 941)" of the venue is also a standard, but this work is a separate performance. In addition, this week's masterpieces "HAMMERSMITH ODEON 1979 LEGENDARY MASTER TAPES (Wardour-405)" and "LIVERPOOL 1979 1ST NIGHT (Uxbridge 1206)" will be released at the same time, so let's organize the miracle tour collection on a schedule.

・ November 22-30: 6 performances (no recording)
・ December 1 "GLASGOW 1979 2ND NIGHT"
・ December 3: Newcastle performance ← ★ This work ★
・ December 4 "NEWCASTLE 1979 2ND NIGHT"
・ December 6 “LIVERPOOL 1979 1ST NIGHT”
・ December 7-22: 10 performances (no recording)

 More than 21 performances. Speaking of the symbol of this tour, the last day's pro shot is "HAMMERSMITH ODEON 1979 (there is also a full audience recording of the same title)", but in addition to that, recordings have been left for four consecutive performances. This is Newcastle's second performance. It was a stage between "GLASGOW 1979 2ND NIGHT" and "NEWCASTLE 1979 2ND NIGHT".

 The quality of this work, which records such a show, is between GLASGOW 1979 2ND NIGHT and NEWCASTLE 1979 2ND NIGHT. At the beginning, the audience feels a bit more familiar with the audience, just like "GLASGOW 1979 2ND NIGHT", but the cloudiness quickly clears from the middle of the second song "Tie Your Mother Down", making it easier to hear at a glance. Above all, the distance is shorter than "GLASGOW 1979 2ND NIGHT", and a powerful core arrives with vivid details. Of course, it is adjusted by meticulous mastering on its own, and you can see that Freddie's best performance is picked up.

It is even more surprising to draw with a sound that exceeds “GLASGOW 1979 2ND NIGHT”. It's such a terrible performance that even the daimyo board can be haze!
If you have experienced GLASGOW 1979 2ND NIGHT, you may have been surprised by Freddie's best performance, but this work goes even further. Instead of being the same as studio recordings, the voices have grown even more, and even slightly seasoned phrases can be freely played with plenty of room. "'39" sings a higher line than the original. This terrible throat and tension exceeded "HAMMERSMITH ODEON 1979", and lined up with "NEWCASTLE 1979 2ND NIGHT" at the same venue. "Miracles in miracles", which is at the height of miracle tours. “LIVE AID” is a symbol of the spectacle of the huge venue and the drama of the resurrection play, but this work is far more than just a famous performance.
CR Also, "CRAZY TOUR" is also known for different sets every night. All the records are available for this week's two titles, so let's sort out the differences from other performances here.