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Label: Not on label
Country: Japan
Released: Unsure, I guess around 2018 but not sure.
Recorded: BBC Session October 28th. 1977, & Basketball Halle, Munich, Germany  February 11th. 1979.
Sound: Soundboard recording. I guess excellent.
Comments:  Well, looks like a more limited 'not on label' release. I don't know anything more than what the cover say's about this cdr release.
The recording is the Alan Freeman's BBC session show from 1977, and the sound from the Germany television program from February 1979, with live footages from the concert in Munich on February 11th. '79.
The BBC 77 recording is now officially released on 2cd & 3lp (+ a box set with live & interviews), and available on a handful of other Queen bootlegs.

The Munich live tracks are out on dvdr bootlegs, but this is the first time I find them on a pro-bootleg audio album. I'm not sure if all the Munic tracks are complete, or have part missing.
Roots: BBC session & Germany television program.

Front cover

We Will Rock You  (slow & fast version)
It's Late
My Melancholy Blues
Spread Your Wings
BBC Maida Vale Studio Session, London, England  October 28th. 1977.

Let Me Entertain You
Now I'm Here
Bohemian Rhapsody
Sheer Heart Attack
We Will Rock You
We Are The Champions
God Save The Queen
Live at Basketball Halle, Munich, Germany  February 11th. 1979.

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