Label: Breakdown 746
Country: Japan
Released: December 2018
Recorded: Live At Cole Field House, University of Maryland, College Park, Maryland February 4th 1977
Sound: Audience recording.
Comments:  As far as I remember, this is the first time I seen a pro bootleg from this concert. I have info of nice sound quality.
The end part is missing, which included encore etc...
From the US 'A Day At The Races' spring tour 1976.
Roots: From audience tape.

Front cover

 01. Intro: 'A Day At The Races' Theme  (tape)
 02. Tie Your Mother Down
 03. Ogre Battle
 04. White Queen (As It Began)
 05. Somebody To Love
 06. Killer Queen
 07. The Millionaire Waltz
 08. You're My Best Friend
 09. Bring Back That Leroy Brown
 10. Sweet Lady
 11. Brighton Rock ~ Guitar Solo
 01. '39
 02. You Take My Breath Away
 03. White Man
 04. The Prophet's Song
 05. Bohemian Rhapsody
 06. Stone Cold Crazy
 07. Keep Yourself Alive
 08. Liar


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Back cover

From the American Tour First Leg in Queen's 77th, February 4 the 2nd set which recorded performances at the Maryland College of Maryland College Park from the high-quality audience recording master first appearance!
Unfortunately it is a valuable excavation live sound source that you can listen with good quality at the time as it was not recorded late concerts and encore.
A nationwide tour in early 1977 is a period before the album 'News Of The World' before the announcement, the set list up to the album "splendid lace" where the queen 's initial likeliness remains will be the focus.