Label: WR 1024
Country: Japan
Released: December 2017
Recorded: Studio recordings from  the seventies.
Sound: Excellent proffesional recordings.
Comments:  BBC sessions and 71 demos. All these track are now officially released on cd's. BBC sessions on 3lp aswell.
'Smile' is pre-Queen feat. Brian & Roger. A vinyl disc was released in Japan (only) in 1982 included a handful studio tracks with Smile. 'Doing Alright' are taken from this recording. Later years, this Smile recording is also released officially here in Europe on CD. Bootlegs has been around with this Smile track since the 80ies.

I don't have the cd, but actually this bootleg is not so interested, since all tracks are available on officially Queen records in optimal sound quality.
Roots: From BBC radio sessions. Demos from Queen re-master 2011 cd release. Bonus cd included this demos.

Front cover

 01. Keep Yourself Alive
 02. See What Fool I've Been
 03. Liar
 04. Son And Daughter
 05. Modern Times Rock and Roll
 06. Stone Cold Crazy
 07. Tenement Funster
 08. It's Late
 09. My Melancholy Blues
 10. Spread Your Wings
 11. We Will Rock You
 BBC sessions 73, 74 & 77

 12. Keep Yourself Alive
 13. The Night Comes Down
 14. The Great King Rat
 15. Jesus
 16. Liar
 Demos recorded in 1971

 17. Doing Alright  (Smile pre-Queen version from '69)

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