Seibu Stadium 1982 Uncirculated Master


Label: -Not on label-
Country: Japan
Released: September 2014
Recorded: Live at Seibu Lions Stadium, Tokorozawa, Japan November 3rd. 1982.
Sound: Audience recording.
Comments:  Claimed to be an uncirculated audience recording. A new source, but just the last part of the show.
Roots: Audience recorded tape.
Time: 41:19

Front cover

 1. Fat Bottomed Girls
 2. Crazy Little Thing Called Love
 3. Bohemian Rhapsody 
 4. Tie Your Mother Down
 5. Teo Torriatte
 6. Another One Bites The Dust 
 7. We Will Rock You
 8. We Are The Champions
 9. God Save The Queen   

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Back cover

1982, due to the “Hot Space”, from Queen Japan Tour for the fifth time, and recorded in high-quality audience recording from the original cassette master, the Seibu stadium performances November 3 on the final day. It is a take of only 40 minutes into the second half of the show, but unfortunately, the sound source using never ever any floating around, a cassette tape that was inherited directly from the recording who is a mania must listen. Live for this day had been released as official video, “Space Boogie” (currently, sold out out of print) Bootleg of the audience recording of Seibu stadium performances only, which has been released from Wardour label. Since the official video had been edited to 60 minutes, unreleased song many, as a document of the concert, it was what you do not Kuitari somewhat. This board is, points are you also recorded number of official accrued Fat Bottomed Girls, and Another One Bites The Dust while only a small recording of the second half. It is a realistic sound, but because it is easy to hear the sound image itself is stable, and Shi dropped directly from the master cassette above all, freshness of the sound is extremely good, it is a perfect score respond listening. Is far from listening to the largest “Teo Torriatte”, I have been recorded in the realistic manner in which Brian was in charge of the piano is to misunderstand the structure of the song, would plunged into chaos as a whole day. Rust of this song is not proceeds English → Japanese as you know, but Roger is despite the fact that putting a side dish where you want to migrate to the rust of Japanese, Brian will play the code of verse A, you can listen to the unusual scene Freddie was panic that that sing the appropriate melody and “A-”. I will be the interesting thing in this situation, the fans are sing powerfully firmly and accurately, towards the girls of Japan is called ‘remember the configuration more accurately than composer. Edit cleverly this part in the official video version, has been recorded in the short version, such as if there was no mistake, it is more interesting “The Hen stadium Seibu-holding hands” real listen If it is not audience recording it is very valuable not. Chorus and large upsurge of late, you’ll be feeling that said height of dynamism, in Makuhari, Osaka take similar earlier, to impress a lot of fans. Cut is two places of cheers part of the curtain and after (fade-recorded) Tie Your Mother Down beginning, but recorded in non-cut otherwise. It’s nothing to do with music, but the fact that between songs for 2 minutes to We Will Rock You in the 2nd encore and Another One Bites The Dust has been recorded in non-cut, “Encore!, Encore!” And girls mood full of Showa, call such cheering like we have become far from interesting listening. We Will Rock You ~ We Are The Champions ~ God Save The Queen has been recorded at a really great sound, it has become a major part must listen. Rather than a direct feeling so and so, good freshness of a masterpiece and really realistic-air feeling, this. Korezo, the real thrill of the audience recording! ! You can see if it is possible to listen. This weekend, Come this excitement! !