2 CDR
Label: Uxbridge 1790
Country: Japan.
Released: December 2022.
Recorded: Live at Maple Leaf Gardens, Toronto, ON, Canada 1st February 1977.
Sound: Audience recording.
Comments:  From the North American 'A Day At The Races' tour winter 1977. Audience recording.
Looks complete, but I don't have this 2cdr, so I can't confirm sound quality or missing bits.
Read below for more info. But, 'Uxbridge' label use to make acceptable releasing's.
Roots: Audience recorded tape.
Time: 51:32 / 45:40

Front cover
 CDR 1
 1. Intro: Overture 'A Day At The Races' Theme  (tape)
 2. Tie Your Mother Down
 3. Ogre Battle
 4. White Queen
 5. Somebody To Love
 6. Killer Queen
 7. The Millionaire Waltz
 8. You’re My Best Friend
 9. Bring Back That Leroy Brown
 10. Sweet Lady
 11. Brighton Rock
 12. ’39
 13. You Take My Breath Away
 CDR 2 



 1. White Man
 2. Vocal Solo
 3. The Prophet’s Song  (reprise)
 4. Bohemian Rhapsody
 5. Stone Cold Crazy
 6. Keep Yourself Alive
 7. Liar
 8. In The Lap Of The Gods… Revisited
 - - - - - - - encore - - - - - - - -
 9. Big Spender
 10. Jailhouse Rock
 11. God Save The Queen...  (tape)

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Back cover

Review from internet page.

QUEEN in 1977, which made a leap forward by folding “Brilliant Race” and “Dedicated to the World”. A new recording that conveys the Toronto performance appears! It is decided to release two types at the same time.
This work is the first in a series of two new recordings. It is a superb audience recording of “February 1, 1977 Toronto Performance”. Both of the simultaneous releases this time are “Toronto in 1977” and the venue is the same, but the contents of the show are completely different. In order to explain the meaning, let’s first look back at the activity summary at that time.

・ January 13-March 18: North America #1 (40 performances) ← Coco
・ May 8-June 7: Europe #1 (19 performances)
 《October 28 “Dedicated to the World” released》
・ November 11-December 22: North America # 2 (26 performances) ← * TORONTO NOVEMBER 1977

● 1978
・ April 12-May 13: Europe #2 (20 performances)
《July-October Production of “JAZZ”》

This is the overall picture of the two world tours “A DAY AT THE RACES Tour” and “NEWS OF THE WORLD Tour”. This work was recorded in “North America # 1”, which is the beginning of the former “A DAY AT THE RACES Tour”. It’s also a good opportunity, so let’s organize our “North America #1” collection here.

● “North America #1” title
・ January 14 “MADISON 1977”
・ January 23 “RICHFIELD 1977”
・ January 30 “TOLEDO 1977 (gift)”
・ February 1: Toronto performance ← ★This work★
・ February 4 “COLLEGE PARK 1977”
・ February 5 “A DAY AT THE GARDEN (MSG)”
* February 9 “BREATHTAKING BEAUTY (Boston)”
* March 3 “L.A. FORUM 1977 2ND NIGHT”
* March 13 “DEFINITIVE SEATTLE 1977”
* Note: “*” marks are permanent preservation press titles.

“The above 9 titles.” This work was the first concert in Toronto for the 14th performance of “North America # 1”. It was a show where no sound record was found until now, but this work broke that history. Omoto, which was excavated very recently, is also raised from the star cassette, and its sound is fresh.
The last “Big Spender” and “Jailhouse Rock” caused the battery to run out and the speed was crazy (in this work, it is corrected as much as possible by mastering), “Now I’m Here” is a recording leak, etc. Although it did not reach permanent preservation due to its shortcomings, the basic sound is of the highest quality.

Especially Freddie’s vocals are very strong with a strong core, and each word of the lyrics is clear. Although there is a sense of space in the sonorous singing voice, it boasts an easy listening experience that is far from the audience. The instrumental sound is not on that far, but that doesn’t make me feel far away. It is hard to say that “Maple Leaf Gardens”, an indoor stadium with a capacity of 16,000 people, is never suitable for audience recording, but it is incredibly vivid.

“A DAY AT THE RACES Tour” captures the full show with such a beautiful fresh sound. Although it is standard in terms of set and it is similar to the decision board such as “L.A. FORUM 1977 2ND NIGHT (Wardour-407)” and “DEFINITIVE SEATTLE 1977 (Wardour-322)”, it is not exactly the same. Let’s sort things out here.

A Night at the Opera (5 songs)
・You’re My Best Friend/Sweet Lady(★)/’39/The Prophet’s Song/Bohemian Rhapsody
Brilliant race (5 songs)
・Tie Your Mother Down/Somebody To Love/The Millionaire Waltz/You Take My Breath Away/White Man
● Others (10 songs)
・Sheer Heart Attack: Killer Queen/Bring Back That Leroy Brown/Brighton Rock/Stone Cold Crazy/In The Lap Of The Gods…Revisited
・Other: Keep Yourself Alive / Liar / Ogre Battle / White Queen (As It Began) / Rock ‘n’ Roll Medley
* Note: “★” marks are songs that cannot be heard on the press masterpiece “DEFINITIVE SEATTLE 1977”.

… and it looks like this. Compared to “L.A. FORUM 1977 2ND NIGHT”, it is only less for “Now I’m Here”, which is a recording omission, but “Sweet Lady”, which could not be heard in “DEFINITIVE SEATTLE 1977”, is shown. The number of classic songs such as “Somebody To Love” has increased, and you can enjoy a full show that has become more colorful.
“One step closer to permanent preservation press.” With such quality, it is a new excavation live album that reveals a full show that has never been heard before. 45 years after the show scene, such wonderful music revives … the real pleasure of such audience recording itself. It is truly a gem that will become a cultural heritage. Since it is the original cassette master, please enjoy the scene that is revived realistically with this work.

★ Excellent audience recording of “February 1, 1977 Toronto performance”. A new excavation master that conveys a show that has never been recorded before, and its sound is superlative. Especially Freddie’s vocals are very strong with a strong core, and each word of the lyrics is clear. Although there is a sense of space in the sonorous singing voice, it boasts an ease of listening that is separate from the audience. This is the 45th year shock excavation album that reveals the full show that has not been known until now.