2 CD

Label: Wardour 366
Country: Japan
Released: August 2019.
Recorded: Live at Morumbi Stadium, Sao Paulo, Brazil 20th March 1981.
Sound: Excellent soundboard FM broadcast.
Comments:  One more bootleg cd release from this television and radio broadcasted concert in Brazil 1981. A handful of other bootlegs from this concert, has been released over the years.
Thisone claimed to be a huge upgrade, and comes from original master tapes.
I don't have this bootleg, so I can't confirm all that, but I'm quite sure it's to go for, if you want this concert in your collection. Correct photos is used on cover.

A separate 'bonus' DVDR comes with 'Numbered Stickered Edition' only. This DVDR contains the television broadcast of the concert (same tracks as 2cd).
Roots: Radio broadcast, as far as I know.
Time: 48:08 / 38:24

Front cover
 CD 1
 1. DJ Intro
 2. We Will Rock You
 3. Let Me Entertain You
 4. Play The Game
 5. Somebody To Love
 6. I'm In Love With My Car
 7. Get Down, Make Love
 8. Need Your Loving Tonight
 9. Save Me
 10. Now I'm Here
 11. Dragon Attack
 12. Fat Bottomed Girls
 13. Love Of My Life

 CD 2
 1. Keep Yourself Alive
 2. Drum Solo
 3. Guitar Solo
 4. Flash's Theme
 5. The Hero
 6. Crazy Little Thing Called Love
 7. Bohemian Rhapsody
 8. Tie Your Mother Down
 9. Another One Bites The Dust
 10. Sheer Heart Attack
 11. We Will Rock You
 12. We Are The Champions
 13. God Save The Queen

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Back cover

'Master tapes'

'Bonus' DVDR cover.

What, what impact. Regardless of whether it is official or unofficial, a superb sound board master that may become the No. 1 live album in QUEEN history is newly discovered. It is an emergency permanent preservation press 2CD!
”The performance on Sao Paulo on March 20, 1981 is inscribed on the shock sound board. It is a part of “THE GAME TOUR”, which is known for the great success and the series of famous performances. It is a stereo sound board recording of a huge show that mobilized 131,000 people, the largest in QUEEN history. This show is a very famous sound source that has been known for a long time on TV and FM broadcasts, and has produced countless launches, and some of it was used for the official edition “ON AIR”. This work is a case board that has upgraded (very much!) The highest peak of such a classic.
[Before the impact, first show position. Speaking of those days, albums and singles were the best in the United States, and the historic “GREATEST HITS” was released. It was a time when both the body and mind were fulfilled, such as the success of big hits and the leaving of the masterpiece “QUEEN ROCK MONTREAL”. First, let’s look back on such a step.

<< June 30 “THE GAME” release >>
・ June 30-July 14: North America # 1 (14 performances)
・ August 5-September 30: North America # 2 (35 performances)
・ November 23-December 18: Europe (17 performances)

・ February 12-19: Japan (6 performances)
・ February 28-March 21: Latin America # 1 (7 performances) ← ★ Here ★
・ September 25-October 18: Latin America # 2 (6 performances)
<October 26 “GREATEST HITS” release>
・ November 24 + 25: Montreal (2 performances)

[Master reel of pre-found excavation] This is the golden age of QUEEN. In 1980, toured North America / Europe, and in 1981 circuitd Japan and Latin America. “QUEEN ROCK MONTREAL” was a special performance after the tour for filming, but the Sao Paulo performance of this work was 8 months ago. The concert was the sixth performance of “Latin America # 1”. As mentioned earlier, this show is famous for broadcasting sound boards, but this work is different from such a group. It is the ultimate gene product digitized from the pre-broadcast master reel. Moreover, this master reel is our original. It is a very precious item that has been brought about through its own route and is not available anywhere else on the net.

From this treasured reel, the upgrade sound that forgets all the existing groups. We often say “official class” as the best compliment, but this work is more than that. In fact, 7 songs for this show are used in the official “ON AIR”, which is much better than the official take. Speaking of what is superior … all. The official take looked like an excavation, the mix was rough, the power was terrific but lacked in subtlety, and it was a type of mass. On the other hand, this work is well-mixed and sounded, so you won’t get tired even if you play at loud speaker volume. Of course, even the official take wins easily, so it is not comparable to the existing boot legs. Depending on the board, there is a hiss noise, and the existing group such as the mid range being spoiled should be erased from the beautiful refreshing memory … It is a major upgrade of such a dimension (However, this master is for broadcast editing or “Save” The first half of the “Me” ending and “Now I’m Here”, and the middle part was cut unnaturally. In this work, this part is complemented by the sound board of the TV broadcast pro shot).

[Super-heated performance that strikes the heaven in front of 130,000 people] The show drawn with such a sound is also amazing. Even with only 7 songs “ON AIR”, I knew the best performance, but it has gone through the whole story. A large audience of 130,000 people … No, Freddie’s tension in front of a large crowd hit the heavens, and Nodo’s tone is also excellent. From the delicate whispers, the range of screams is tremendous, and the improvised phrases are also flashing. The fine revival of Vivrat is just as fast as it reaches the heavens. This tension is more than “QUEEN ROCK MONTREAL” in a sense. Moreover, the freshness is overwhelming. Montreal video was a masterpiece with a mix of two performances and overdubbing, but this work is in contrast to such polishing. It is overflowing with the charm of 100% of the original live that is only one live broadcast. In fact, it’s not a perfect performance, as Brian loses his sound vigorously in the solo of “Somebody To Love”, and the last song of “Bohemian Rhapsody” misses the timing, but even that is a document. . On the contrary, the momentum to improve such a small mistake is great, and even the “Somebody To Love” shows off the vocals that can be transformed, and John’s “Keep Yourself Alive” intro is full of imagination. Is it different if the 130,000 people are enthused? It’s the passionate performance that keeps overwhelming.
And the 130,000 effect is not limited to performance. South America is an area that has enthusiastically supported QUEEN as much as Japan, but it was the first time they visited South America in 1981. However, the excitement of the first meeting is added on the national pattern known for the Latin frenzy, and it has expanded to 130,000 people. If you say “Love Of My Life”, where Brian stops playing in a huge chorus, or “We Will Rock You” where the echoes of the great crowd create a spectacular …

Originally, you have to touch “Need Your Loving Tonight” and “Fat Bottomed Girls” that you can’t listen to even in “QUEEN ROCK MONTREAL” or “4 people QUEEN” mastery ensemble without support keyboardist, That’s not the case. Sao Paulo’s night when he visited South America for the first time in a heyday when his mind and body were fulfilled and ran through a full show with intense explosion tension. The classic sound board is a miracle reel master that has undergone a major upgrade beyond the official one. Sound / Set / Tension / Performance / Vitality … If all are combined, this work may be the best and strongest live album in QUEEN history. A work that is absolutely inevitable, beyond official / informal. A permanent preservation press 2CD is here!

★ Direct recording from the “PRE-FM REEL MASTER” we have obtained. Apex and super high-quality sound. This year’s first queen title is inevitable to talk about mania around the world! !