2 CD & DVD

Label: Wardour 324
Country: Japan 
Released: February 2019.
Recorded: Yoyogi National Gymnasium, Tokyo, Japan  May 11th. 1985. 
Sound: Excellent pro-recording. 
Comments:  Queen Definitive Final Concert In Tokyo (Wardour-324) is a 2CD + DVD from Yoyogi National Gymnasium, Tokyo, Japan on May 11th, 1985. This is a stereo soundboard/pro-shot combo.
This concert was broadcasted on radio & television in Japan. (not direct broadcasted). It's also released officially in Japan ONLY on VHS video & laser disc. Later also on DVD. (no officially cd or vinyl release). The dvd is from a television concert.
Wardour released this concert with the same title & cover layout in August 2018. The picture on the cover, is slightly different between these two pressings.
They now release a 2nd edition, with a factory pressed DVD from this concert in Tokyo.
Looks like they have made this release from Masterworks label 'The Last Live In Japan' 2cd 2dvd release.
Roots: See above.
Time: 44: 26 / 58:49

Front cover
 01 Intro: Machines  (tape)
 02 Tear It Up
 03 Tie Your Mother Down
 04 Under Pressure
 05 Somebody To Love
 06 Killer Queen
 07 The Seven Seas Of Rhye
 08 Keep Yourself Alive
 09 Liar
 10 Impromptu
 11 It's A Hard Life
 12 Day-O  (Freddie's crowd communication)
 13 Dragon Attack
 14 Now I'm Here
 01 Is This The World We Created?
 02 Love Of My Life
 03 Guitar Solo ~ Brighton Rock  (audience rec)

04 Another One Bites the Dust
 05 Mustapha 
(vocal intro only)
 06 Hammer To Fall
 07 Crazy Little Thing Called Love
 08 Bohemian Rhapsody
 09 Radio Ga Ga
 10 I Want to Break Free
 11 Jailhouse Rock
 12 We Will Rock You
 13 We Are the Champions
 14 God Save the Queen
DVD  (51: 56)   Live at Yoyogi National Gymnasium, Tokyo, Japan 11th May 1985
1. Machines 2. Tear It Up 3. Tie Your Mother Down 4. Under Pressure 5. Seven Seas Of Rhye
6. Keep Yourself Alive 7. Liar 8. It's A Hard Life 9. Is This The World We Created?
10. Another One Bites The Dust 11. Crazy Little Thing Called Love 12. Bohemian Rhapsody
13. Radio Ga Ga 14. We Will Rock You 15. We Are The Champions 16. God Save The Queen
Bonus Track
17. Yoruno Hit Studio (8th May 1985)

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Back cover

QUEEN Reprinted that the Daimyo board which recorded the last Tokyo performance became an expansion version of full scale. It comes out with 2 CD set + DVD ultimate press 3 set specifications.
That last night was "May 11, 1985: National Yoyogi Stadium" performance. Yes, this work is an enlarged version of the big hit title "DEFINITIVE FINAL CONCERT IN TOKYO (Wardour-289)". First of all, let's check the position of the show in the schedule of "THE WORKS JAPAN TOUR" which was the last visit to QUEEN.

May 8th + 9th: Nippon Budokan, Tokyo.  The Last Tour in Japan 6cd (Budokan May 9th. + 11th. & 15th.)
May 11: National Yoyogi Stadium, Tokyo. 【this work + many other bootleg cd's and vinyl's from this concert is released.
May 13: Aichi Gymnasium, Nagoya.  Definitive Nagoya 1985 2cd.
May 15th: Osaka Jo Hall, Osaka.  Definitive Osaka 1985 2cd, Last Stand In Japan 1985 2cd + handful other 2cd & 2lp

This show was also famous for television and radio broadcasting from that time, and officially made it "FINAL CONCERT LIVE IN JAPAN" as a work. It was a concert symbolizing just "the last Japan". It was "Wardour-289" that was the official beyond the official of Tokyo Lust. Popular since its release to its astounding quality. It is already sold out and out of print. However, as QUEEN fever boils down the movie Bohemian Rhapsody, the demand for recurrence rushes. It matched with reprint release here.
However! This work is not just Reprint Repress Press.
The original sound board sound source that was missing in solo and some songs has also been expanded to full song version, and also comes with a superb multi camera / pro shot. It has evolved into the ultimate shape that has been thoroughly done. First of all, let's introduce it individually from the foundation also for the first time.

【Disk 1-2: Enlarged Version of Officially Exceeding Sound Board】
● Broadcast sound source of official over quality
First of all, the main two-piece sound board album will appear. This is not just a person. As mentioned earlier, this show has already become an official DVD, but this work is a different FM broadcast version. Actually, the reputation of mania was not good for official version from before. Support keyboard is mixed more than Brian May's guitar, drum sounds are strange, Roger Taylor's voice is hard to hear ... .... Official was what I wanted to say "name is this?" Of nominal. However, the FM broadcast version was different. Just because it was broadcasted soon after the live, the natural mix before the Official side fought around, just the sound that you could hear at the venue. Natural ringing is fierce, and in the official video the first half was edited "Liar", the whole was cut "Dragon Attack" also included. It was a broadcast that was praised as "over official" from maniacs all over the world, "this should have been officially left".

● Treasury Kinney Master realizes all song version
"Wardour-289" was a direct CD of the highest master of such FM broadcasting ever, but this work is further upgraded. It complements the intro of songs and guitar solos that were cut even on broadcasts with superb audience recording. Besides, this audience master is not just a person. It is the original cassette of the prestigious "Kinney"! This is already outstanding. The clearness like a clear blue sky is wonderful, and the performance and singing voice will arrive straight to the hand without stagnation. Just being called Kinney Magic is a beautiful sound. There are three major parts complemented by that Kinney master. "Introducing" Is This The World We Created? "From the opening scene at the beginning of" Machines "," Now I'm Here ", and" Guitar Solo / Brighton Rock "from the end of" Love Of My Life " It is.
The biggest one is "Guitar Solo / Brighton Rock" which lasts about 10 minutes. The solo which changes moistly from the phrase which entered with heat spread abundantly, "Brighton Rock" whose heat changes to the edge is also the best dramatic. Finally you can listen to Freddie's scattered firmly. Other parts are intro and ending of the omitted songs, but along with that, you can listen to MCs such as "Demo Ali Gatto", "Try this", "Absolutely Perfect!" And above all, the flow is natural. You can taste the reverberation of "Is This The World We Created?" "Love Of My Life" which has been going abruptly until now. Strictly speaking, it is not 100% on site as it is still missing some cheers part in units of a few seconds, but I cherish the natural flowing work more than increasing the switching of the master bluntly.

● Soundboard part also brushes up
Furthermore, the main board sound board is not the same as "Wardour - 289". We polished up with meticulous remaster to bring out the possibilities of the original sound to the maximum. While treating the natural sounding that was the point of the broadcast version as much as possible, organize it by each range. As a result, we realized the goodness of Nuke that far exceeds the original sound. Actually, this direction is also the influence of the audience part. Kinney recording is so clear that it was necessary for this superb sound board to be good enough to listen to a flowing stream. Even just this one point is not how exquisite the complementing audience is, I wonder if you can imagine the natural flow of this work.

【Disk 3: This is also official broadcast television version pro shot】
Not only such an extended version live album, but also this work includes a TV broadcast pro shot. This is the highest peak version that became a bonus DVDR of "Wardour-289". The TV version is also a super broadcast that will kick off the official video, a famous music program "Young Music Show" version for the rock fans of those days. At that time we checked the air and got the master directly from the core mania who treasure cherished carefully, and it is a gem that digitized directly. Nostalgic logo cracked to the left and right, Queen's Yoyogi Stadium performance started. From that point on, I've only been watching the clear image quality that I can not think of the air check video recording anymore. There is neither distortion nor tracking noise of the screen, it is beautiful image quality as if it was woken up from a laser disc.
Camera work is similar to official video, but the timing and angles of use to switch from camera to camera are slightly different, and Freddie Mercury 's up shot is more used than official video. Even that alone is surprising, but it is more shocking sound. Even though it is far from excellent radio broadcasts, the middle and low tone is even smoother and richer.
In addition, Japanese telop also comes in and places Japanese lyrics translated in Japanese under "Under Pressure" "Is This The World We Created?" "Bohemian Rhapsody" "We Are The Champions". There is also a taste of the song title font in which the QUEEN image at that time appears in Moro, but even more amazing is subtitle of lyrics. Freddie is singing the lyrics of 3-4 lines lightly while one line is being displayed, although several characters are displayed briefly at the screen edge. Sometimes in a movie "I'm talking about so much, but only in Kore?" There is something I do not compare to that ratio.
Then, if it says whether it is a closed caption, this is also different. Instead of struggling endlessly, the word that captures the image of the song firmly is awesome. For example, "We are the champions, my friend" is also a bilingual translation of CD, "We are the champions and friends," but on this broadcast "Friends, we are warriors." Although "Champions" is hard to say as "warrior", it is perfect for that brave melody, and it comes with a good news.
More intense is "Under Pressure". The subtitles displayed by song highlights are "under the sword of Damocles". There is no word about "Damocles" in the original English lyrics, but in fact it is an anecdote of Kore, Greek myth. One day, against Damocles who envied the throne, Dionysius II says "Sit down and see." When Damocles is sitting happily, the sword hung with thin thread on his head ... .... It is an anecdote that preached that "power is always close to danger", but this turned into the meaning of "sword of Damocles = state of crisis". In other words, "Under pressure = it is going to be crushed by pressure = sword of Damocles" is a transcritical translation. Is this literary sense, indeed a certain broadcast association, what do you say ... ?. It also makes it a rich mood for the times.
8 songs only for programs in the 50 minute window "Somebody to Love" "Killer Queen" "Impromptu" "Now I'm Here" "Love of My Life" "Hammer to Fall" "I Want to Break Free" "Jailhouse Rock" Although it has been cut, instead of that (?) This work also includes bonus footage. It is a professional shot that appeared live on a civil code TV program on May 8, 1985. Three people other than Freddie appearance, only live announcement without performance, valuable professional shot of 'Budokan performance on May 8, 1985' which will be the first day of the last Japan tour will also be reflected for about 30 seconds.

A two-piece live album that supplemented full scale with Kenny Master, the finest FM soundboard that exceeds the official work. And a multi camera camera shot different from the radio version. It is the ultimate three-sheet set pursuing the possibilities of both sides. The last work "Wardour - 289" also worth the permanent preservation of the truth of supreme broadcasting as it is is not shaken, but because of "the last Tokyo performance", I want to taste all the performances without missing out. It is a decision board that makes his dream come true.