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Label: Not On Label
Country: Japan
Released: June 2018
Recorded: Demos and Outtakes of "Hot Space", "Miracle" and "Innuendo"
Sound: Excellent stereo studio recording.
Comments:  Collection of demos & out-takes from mentioned 3 album recording sessions. Ok bootleg for those who want these rare recordings on one cd.
All previously available on the bootleg marked on cd's & vinyl bootlegs, except of track 20.
Tracklisting of release incorrect. Tracks 13 & 14 are swapped. Correct tracklisting below.
Roots: Studio leaked tapes.

Front cover

 HOT SPACE (1982)
1. Staying Power
 2. Action This Day
 3. Back Chat
 4. Life Is Real (Song For Lennon)
 5. Las Palabras De Amor
 6. Feel Like
 7. Cool Cat

8. A New Life Is Born
  9. Dog With A Bone
 10. My Baby Loves Me
 11. I Guess We´re Falling Out
 12. Hang On In There
 13. Hijack My Heart
 14. Stealin'

 INNUENDO (1991)
 15. Delilah
 16. My Secret Fantasy
 17. Headlong
 18. Robbery
 19. Self Made Man

 Bonus Track THE WORKS 1984
 20. Keep Passing The Open Windows  (Home Demo)

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