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Label: Wardour 145
Country: Japan
Released: March 2015
Recorded: Live At Apollo Theatre, Glasgow, Scotland, UK 23rd November 1973
Sound: Audience recording
Comments:  This is to me, a new concert made out on pro-bootleg. Japanese label 'Wardour' has made a single cd from the gig the band played in Glasgow in November 1973. I don't have the cd yet, so I don't know sound quality, but I guess average audience recording.
'Procession' taped intro was always played on early gigs, as a intro to 'Father To Son'. It's not listed, but might appear on the disc. 'Son And Daughter' was also normally played on this tour, but it doesn't seem to be included.
If sound quality is good, this should be a nice cd for fans and collectors.
"I'm A Man" is listed at the end, but as far as I know, it's actually "Manish Boy" which is played.

Some copies come with bonus cdr "Oxford 1973" 1cdr (not on label) & "Golders Green 1973 - Longest version" 1cdr (not on label).
These CDR are both available separately.
Roots: Audience recorded tape.
Time: 32:07

Front cover

1. Father To Son
2. Ogre Battle
3. Hangman
4. Keep Yourself Alive
5. Liar
6. Jailhouse Rock Medley
    - Jailhouse Rock
    - Shake Rattle And Roll
    - Stupid Cupid
    - Jailhouse Rock  (reprise)
7. Big Spender
8. I’m A Man  (Manish Boy, I guess)

The bonus cdr disc's comes with some copies. (Separate jewel case's).

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Back cover

The impact of historical tape appeared. This work is the audience album QUEEN that contains the “November 23, 1973 Glasgow performances”. And produced the “QUEEN II” in August, and start a UK tour as opening act of Mott the Hoople after the two months. The 11 is the record of the very early QUEEN falls first performances.
This recording, even known yet not exist until now, those suddenly appeared on the net in recent years. Speaking after all the “1973”, did not have at most four-5 also known until now. while a band of researchers and collectors are everywhere around the world, it is the sound source was not found in more than 40 years of research came out and pop, but it does not know the impact barrel and scale.
In women taper of this work was recorded, actually Mott the Hoople fan of. At that time, but seems to carry the foot to the venue to mercenary Future, where it was the eyes, enthusiastic and audience seeking QUEEN become rookie band. While I think “hell, I’m someone that?”, It seems to have turned the tape. Did not push even pause to mind the remaining tape, “Father To Son” is missing beginning in “Ogre Battle”, “Son And Daughter” that should have been played on the day are not recorded. The sound a little at cracking slightly, “musical work” than “historical records” and to be one call. Writing term might come to mind is the type such as “Find music from the noise,” but this is not the case. Come hear from this work, only the tone of almost all bands. Even cracking feeling during recording, tape According and running uneven, aging is absolutely no, the band is also very close. That said sound that can not be acclaimed and would listen to audio basis, rather than a kind, such as forcing the patience, music and performance, of course, also passion that has been put in there I comes through plenty.
Such valuable precious of master had been recorded, hot hot and blazing like QUEEN. In fact, this day, but I hit the last day of the 9th consecutive performances, throat Freddie was at that time still a 27-year-old is tireless. I will continue to pull Guigui the awards in intense Vaud Cali THEY tion. Valuable “Hangman” is also great, but the tension is gradually getting up to go in accordance with the second half, makes resound phantasmagoric Zessho In “Liar”.
Amazing also enthusiastic audience that was fueled by the enthusiastic performance. Although the production is finished, because “QUEEN II” is being released is the March of next 1974 years, the audience does not know all the songs. Nevertheless, “Father To Son” and “Ogre Battle” from tremendous great response. Well there is that great cheer is covered in such as radio broadcasting, but is at the same the rush of raw cheers of about the same. After this, “QUEEN II” will be a big hit Wimbledon 5, but the symptom is already swirling. This After only of hot air was before, taper was a fan of Mott the Hoople is not wonder want and press the record button ….

Or very the initial QUEEN had any live, Did not feel what the audience of home country to stare at it. As it is no more It is one that comes out to Real. Indeed, it is the album that hard to say that for beginners is to sound manner. Avid enthusiast, to the people of QUEEN researcher, I would like you to listen by all means. Jump out at the end of the last, the preciousness of blues cover “I’m A Man” and I think of being even remember dizziness.
However, please do not misunderstood. If you write a “mania, … towards the expert”, but is it dull impression just like documents article is not the case. Those of mania, the direction of researchers, deeper and deeper so much, is loves the QUEEN. QUEEN you have stuck in this work, usually ignited the hearts of calm researcher, are you full of heat that would pull the fist to grip Max. Speaking this in reverse, if you listen to this work, if became hot nor helpless, is that you have the same passion and mania and researcher.
In historical valuable excavation, historical album containment a hot hot flare up very early QUEEN on a single press CD. This weekend, and will deliver to your original beyond the ’42 of space-time.