Killer Queen & Bohemian Rhapsody Multi-tracks Sampler  


Label: No info on sleeve or disc.
Country: Japan (actually not 100% sure yet)
Released: Pre-2008 
Recorded: Studio recordings.
Sound Q: Excellent 
Comments:  Japanese pro-cdr bootleg. Don't know the history how this recording found the way out on a bootleg. Here you can hear separate takes of the studio work. Slim cd case release.
Roots: Copy of the multi track original studio master tapes. I don't know more. Can anyone tell more about this bootleg, or what kind of recording this is? I know it's from a studio multi track tape, but how did it found the way out of the 'closed' studio?? Or does it comes from 5.1 surround sources??
Time: 22 minutes  

Front cover

1. Vocal only  (2:01)
Bass only  (0:44)
3. Drums & bass  (2:48)
4. Piano only  (2:59)
5. Guitar overdub  (1:09)
6. Vocal 1 (high)  (0:07)
7. Vocal 2 (low)  (0:23)  
8. Chorus various  (1:08)

9. Piano only  (6:00)
10. Vocal take 1  (2:39)
11. Vocal take 2  (1:59)
12. Guitar various  (0:52)

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