2 CD

Label: Wardour 353
Country: Japan
Released: July 2019
Recorded: Maimarktgelande, Mannheim, Germany  June 21st, 1986.
Sound: Excellent professional stereo recording. FM radio broadcast.
Comments:  Queen – Mannheim 1986 NPR/NDR German Pre-FM Master is a 2CD stereo soundboard from Maimarktgelande, Mannheim, Germany on June 21st, 1986. This is said to be sourced from the Pre-FM Reel Master.

If information above is correct, this is probably the best sounded bootleg from this concert, which is heavily bootlegged over the years.
From Queen's last tour with Freddie.
Roots: Radio 'live' broadcast.
Time: 53:02 / 57:28

Front cover
 1. DJ Intro
 2. One Vision
 3. Tie Your Mother Down
 4. In The Lap Of The Gods... Revisited
 5. Seven Seas Of Rhye
 6. Tear It Up
 7. A Kind Of Magic
 8. Day-O
 9. Under Pressure
 10. Another One Bites The Dust
 11. Who Wants To Live Forever
 12. I Want To Break Free
 13. Impromptu
 14. Guitar Solo

 1. Now I'm Here
 2. Love Of My Life
 3. Is This The World We Created?
 4. You're So Square (Baby I Don't Care)
 5. Hello Mary Lou
 6. Tutti Frutti
 7. Bohemian Rhapsody
 8. Hammer To Fall
 9. Crazy Little Thing Called Love
 10. Radio Ga Ga
 11. We Will Rock You
 12. Friends Will Be Friends
 13. We Are The Champions
 14. God Save The Queen
 15. Outro


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Back cover

Reel to reel tapes.
Review from Internet.

The FM soundboard of the Mannheim performance that has been representing QUEEN's last "THE MAGIC TOUR" together with the official "LIVE AT WEMBLEY STADIUM" and "HUNGARIAN RHAPSODY". The original master reel in-kind of the broadcasting station that became a major standard was excavated! It is a decision to make it into a CD with an emergency permanent storage press

[Observation of master reels of broadcasting stations to obtain miracle]
What is contained in such a case board is "Mannheim performance on June 21, 1986". This show is radio broadcast on NPR (US Public Radio Station) and NDR (North German Broadcasting), and is a large standard among the classics that has produced numerous FM soundboards. In our shop, the ultimate quality board "DEFINITIVE MANNHEIM (Wardour-100)" became a big hit. It is a sound board recording that should be called the treasure of "THE MAGIC TOUR", but this work makes a distinction from such a group that has already been released. It is a direct digitization from the actual master reels used by radio stations. Moreover, this reel sound source is not on the net. The photograph of the reel actual thing is also published on the right, but this is probably from West Germany. The copies were distributed around the world (including Japan), but this reel was sent to the United States. The FM radio station was put on auction recently, and it was provided by the mania who made a successful bid for it.
And when I tried to play that treasure master, the "Dengen of Otogen" including the parts that I could not hear in the past has been flowing out. Before the contents of the shock, here the position of the show. Let's confirm it in the whole picture of "THE MAGIC TOUR".

  "June 3" A KIND OF MAGIC "release"
・ June 7-July 2: Europe # 1 (12 performances)
・ July 5-16: Britain (5 performances)
・ July 19-August 5: Europe # 2 (eight performances)
・ August 9: Nebworth performance (last show)

This is the last tour of QUEEN. Originally it was a tour that lasted about two months without a break, but it will be like this when divided by the UK and the continental Europe. “LIVE AT WEMBLEY STADIUM” was “UK” and “HUNGARIAN RHAPSODY” was “Europe # 2”, but this work's Mannheim performance is “Europe # 1” in the early stage. It is a concert that hits the seventh performance, and has symbolized the opening, middle and end of the tour in conjunction with the two official works.

[A panoramic view of the Mannheim performance that no one knew]
Well, main subject. It is this work that is full of the legendary broadcast 'Omoto', but the most shocking thing is the length. It also included parts that could not be heard in the previous group. Of course, the playing parts are the same as before, but there are mainly five places between the songs that have been cut. You can hear the announcement from NDR early on, but the longer one is about 30 seconds between "Another One Bites The Dust" and "Who Wants To Live Forever". Here, Freddie beats the microphone and beats the spectator's hand, and Roger's drumming rides there. The second one is waiting for the encore after "Crazy Little Thing Called Love". After Freddie said "Good Night Thank you!", Cheers for them to reappear have been recorded for two and a half minutes. The third one is waiting for encore, after "Radio Ga Ga". A two-minute on-the-spot sound that has never been known flows, and the call and hand clap to call back QUEEN three times is great, and the mood of waking up to their re-appearance is fresh. And finally, after the final performance of “God Save The Queen”, a large circle was reached. The loud cheers in the on-site announcements were recorded about three seconds longer than the existing group.
It may have been determined that cheers were too long when it was broadcasted, but this is the "Ogen". Taka may seem to be cheers, but if it is not actually there is a totally different feeling of experience. "Who Wants To Live Forever", which had suddenly changed mood in the group already, also flows naturally, and the catharsis of "Radio Ga Ga" and "We Will Rock You" will also be doubled because the wait for encore will also wait with the big audience It is Curiously, the master reel lacked about a minute of cheer after "Now I'm Here". In this work, this part was compensated from the existing issue, and the longest and complete form of the show was realized.
And it is a super realistic sound that is not finished in the song interval. "DEFINITIVE MANNHEIM" was "official style" in terms of sound and stereo feeling that removed noise thoroughly, but this work is more natural. The sound of the 80's is enough to make it sound completely unprocessed, and the freshness of the "Ogen" is also extremely refreshing. As a matter of fact, this broadcast was also known for its high-pitched feel, but it seems that it was originally from the beginning. In "DEFINITIVE MANNHEIM", it was reduced by mastering etc., and it was finished in the official style sound, but in this work, "the truth of the reel" has been digitized faithfully.
The Mannheim performance depicted with such a sound is still great. I think that many people know only a large standard, but on this day Fredy also performed well. I'm pulling a squeak and a show with nori that I'm not afraid of mistakes, and the tension of the entire band is rising as well. It's exciting to leave yourself alone, but when I listen to it in detail, I jump to the riffs of Beatles '"I Feel Fine" and "Gimme Some Lovin'" of THE SPENCER DAVIS GROUP for a moment following "Impromptu". Anyway, the whole story is passed in the former melancholy mood, and there is also a mania called "one of the best shows in 1986" "It is great than Wembley!". Another point is "Tutti Frutti". Here, MARILLION fish jumps and participates. You can enjoy the thick chorus at any time on the Omoto sound board.
A legendary broadcast of tradition that has been handed down "THE MAGIC TOUR" with two official works. It is a superb stereo sound board of only this work that was awakened from the original master reel. A scene that has never been known is also recorded, and it is a new excavation that is nothing more than just an "event". Please enjoy it with perpetual preservation press 2CD.