Label: Eye Of The Storm EOS 458
Country: Mexico
Released: 2018
Recorded: Golders Green Hippodrome, London  England  September 13th. 1973.
Sound: Excellent pro-recording.
Comments:  One more bootleg from 'this first known' professional recording of a Queen concert. Recorded by BBC for 'In Concert' program.
Only the first 6 songs broadcasted, and available on a lot of bootlegs.
On 4 November 2016, Queen Production released officially the BBC studio sessions on 2cd & 3LP + a expended 6cd box with the BBC sessions, and 3 cd's with interviews & a live cd with part of Queen live concert radio broadcasts. Here are this Golders Green... concert included with tracks included 'Jailhouse Rock', as it fade outs after short time.

The recording her comes from a collectors collection, and including the complete concert.
I can't confirm it's a CDR production, but some Queen bootlegs from this label released in 2007, was on CDR, so I guess they still make their releasing on CDR disc's.
Roots: Original from a un-broadcasted tape.

Front cover

  1. Intro: Procession  (tape) 
 2. Father To Son
 3. Son And Daughter
 4. See What A Fool I've Been  
 5. Ogre Battle
 6. Liar
 7. Medley: Jailhouse Rock   
                    Stupid Cupid
                    Be Bop A Lula
                    Jailhouse Rock   (reprise)
 8. Big Spender
 9. Bama Lama Bama Lou 


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