2 CD

Label: Wardour 398
Country: Japan.
Released: February 2020.
Recorded: Live at Montreal Forum, Montreal, Quebec, Canada 24th & 25th November 1981.
Sound: Stereo soundboard recording. Radio FM broadcast.
Comments:  From the 2 dates in Montreal on November 24th. & 25th. 1981. This gigs was professional filmed & recorded, to use for a official video release. See below for more details of the various officially release over the years.
This 2cd seams to be from a radio broadcast. I don't know more than the info below, that this is a 'Westwood One' radio broadcast. I have never know, that this concert has been a 'Westwood One' radio show.
Have in mind that this concert was officially released world-wide on 2cd, 3lp, DVD & Blu-ray in 2007. You can read more on the Queen Home Page.
Roots: Radio FM broadcast.
Time: 44:35 / 44:36

Front cover
  CD 1 
 1. DJ Intro
 2. We Will Rock You  (fast)
 3. Let Me Entertain You
 4. Play The Game
 5. Somebody To Love
 6. Killer Queen
 7. I’m In Love With My Car
 8. Get Down Make Love
 9. Save Me
 10. Now I’m Here
 11. Dragon Attack
 12. Now I’m Here Reprise
 13. Love Of My Life

 CD 2
 1. Under Pressure
 2. Keep Yourself Alive
 3. Drums And Timpani Solo
 4. Guitar Solo
 5. Crazy Little Thing Called Love
 6. Bohemian Rhapsody
 7. Tie Your Mother Down
 8. Another One Bites The Dust
 9. Sheer Heart Attack
 10. We Will Rock You
 11. We Are The Champions
 12. God Save The Queen  (tape)

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Back cover

From Internet page.

“ROCK MONTREAL” is a daimyo board that is also called “QUEEN’s best live album”. A sound board album that can be said to be another version has appeared.
Of course, this work includes “November 24 +25, 1981 Montreal Performance”. This is the FM sound board recording. There may not be a live album that became a masterpiece through special twists and turns like “ROCK MONTREAL”. To explain the situation, let’s look back at the show position from the schedule at the time.

 ● 1980 << Released “THE GAME” on June 30 >>
 ・ June 30-September 30: North America (49 performances)
 ・ November 23-December 18: Europe (17 performances)

 ● 1981 ・ February 12-19: Japan (6 performances)
 ・ February 28-March 21: Latin America # 1 (7 performances)
 ・ September 25-October 18: Latin America # 2 (6 performances)

 << October 26 “GREATEST HITS” release >>

 ・ November 24 + 25: Montreal (2 performances) ← ★ coco ★
This was the 1980/1981 QUEEN, which was in its heyday. He completed his world tour in October 1981, and released “GREATEST HITS”. The Montreal performance of this work was a special performance that was held about a month after being in the middle of the big hit.
Speaking of why this was done at this time, for shooting. At that time, a concert film was planned to record the stage of the great heyday, and the show was booked exclusively for the shooting. This is special, but not the only one. In retrospect, this show was the final performance of “Queen of Four” without a support keyboardist, and was the world premiere of “Under Pressure” accompanying the best edition. Furthermore, 1981 is the 10th anniversary of the formation, and “November 24” is exactly 10 years before Freddie died. One of these would be a special show, but it was a fateful show with multiple layers.

As you know, such a performance in Montreal 2 will be “ROCK MONTREAL”, and it will reign as one of the most famous masterpieces in QUEEN LIVE. Some enthusiasts have even decided to be QUEEN’s masterpiece. However, this name record was not wrapped in the glory of the Daimyo board from the beginning. In the first place, the first release was the 1984 movie “WE WILL ROCK YOU”, which was a major problem. Although it was supposed to be the best rock movie ever made using 35mm film, which was the highest at the time, it was cut down a few songs and the pitch was much higher, so it was not a decent thing to see. Apparently the director wasn’t used to rock, and he was a big gull at the shooting site.

After that, it seemed like a tragedy that happened when the QUEEN side withdrew from production. Then, after several upgrades, in 2007 it sublimated to the current “ ROCK MONTREAL ” which is a masterpiece in QUEEN history, but here we will sort out the differences between the twists and turns Let’s go.

 ● A (1984) First VHS version “WE WILL ROCK YOU” → “Flash / The Hero” and “Jailhouse Rock” are cut. The pitch is out of order and there are many overdubs. Missed solo on “Killer Queen”.
 ● B (1997) DVD version “WE WILL ROCK YOU” → “Flash / The Hero” is cut. Although the pitch is normal, overdubs and “Killer Queen” solo mistakes remain.
 ● C (2006) 2CD version “ROCK MONTREAL” → Complete version. Overdubs have been reduced, and “Killer Queen” solos have been replaced with takes without mistakes.
 ● D: WESTWOOD ONE broadcast version ← ★ This work ★ → The editing is in accordance with A, the pitch is normal and the mix is ​​natural.

… and it looks like this. This work is another FM broadcast sound board different from the official board that has evolved. WESTWOOD ONE’s signature program “Superstars Concert Series” broadcast version, originated from its master reel. As a matter of fact, although there are other broadcasts, most are “Jailhouse Rock” versions after “B”. This work is different from that, and the stage where “Jailhouse Rock” is not included yet. Although the exact broadcast date has not been determined, I can not affirm it, but it is probably an FM broadcast in the 1980s. In, it’s not the same as whether the original VHS version is being played. There is a radio DJ at the beginning and end, but that’s not all. Although the intro of “Now I’m Here” has been shortened and the solo of “Killer Queen” has a mistake, the edits are in accordance with the original VHS in detail, but the pitch is normal and the mix is ​​different above all . It is not the perfect sound like the current “ROCK MONTREAL”, but it is much more natural than the original VHS / DVD version “WE WILL ROCK YOU”. “WE WILL ROCK YOU” had an extremely tightly squeezed sound that was three-dimensional but did not spread at all. Vocals have no lingering sound and guitar orchestration is poor. The sound of the drum was full of buns. However, the FM broadcast version (this work) sounds all naturally.
The ensemble doesn’t have much sense of space because it’s a bit more monaural, but the sound of the instrument extends naturally and sounds like an analog sound close to the original sound of the band. As I mentioned at the beginning, “1981 Montreal” is a special show, and since the tour is not part of the tour, Freddie has no fuss and climaxes. Although there was a trouble with the director, it is a great masterpiece that the anger of such a band becomes energy and blows out. What if “WE WILL ROCK YOU” with a normal pitch was released on LP at that time?

 Of course, it was loved as the stage version of “GREATEST HITS” and would have swept the scene as a historical masterpiece beyond “LIVE KILLERS”. The analog sound of this work cannot help but imagine such a “historical IF.” I can not say that it exceeds the current “ROCK MONTREAL” which is super upgraded in all of length, editing and sound, but this work is also one of the wonderful “Montreal 1981”. A two-disc group that permanently stores such a valuable version. Please enjoy it carefully. .