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Label: Wardour 321
Country: Japan
Released: February 2019.
Recorded: Live at New London Theatre, London, UK 6th October 1977
Sound: Audience recording.
Comments:  Recording from the filming of 'We Are The Champions' video at New London Theatre.
Some Queen fan club members gathered to participate in the video shoot for “We Are The Champions” and were treated to a short unexpected live set afterwards. This was previously issued as Champions Shoot (Wardour-036) in July 2006. This might come from a new tape source, but I can't confirm this. I don't have this cd.
Roots: Audience recorded tape.
Time: 65:46

Front cover

 1. Bob Harris' Speech #1
 2. Bob Harris' Speech #2
 3. We Are The Champions (Video Shoot)

 4. Tie Your Mother Down
 5. Keep Yourself Alive
 6. Somebody To Love
 7. White Man
 8. The Prophet's Song
 9. Liar
 10. Bohemian Rhapsody
 11. Now I'm Here
 12. Jailhouse Rock
 13. "We Want Queen!"
 14. "We Want Queen!" &
       "We Are The Champions!"
 15. See What A Fool I've Been

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Back cover

From Internet.

Brilliant up with a super live album that is extremely rare and too special. It appears in permanent preservation press CD.

【Scene of over-spec clip shooting】
That special live was held "October 6, 1977 London." This day is not a so-called world tour, it is not an ordinary concert. A shooting session held for the video clip of the single "We Are the Champions". In the clip, the performance of the stage was featured, but it is just the audience recording that was recorded at that scene. First of all, let's check the position of the show from the schedule of the time.

· June 7: A DAY AT THE RACES TOUR end.

"July - September" NEWS OF THE WORLD "Production"
· October 6: London Recording promo video for 'We Are The Champions'
"October 7" We Are the Champions "Release"
"October 28" NEWS OF THE WORLD "Release"
· November 22: NEWS OF THE WORLD TOUR started

This is an overview of 1977. QUEEN who completed "NEWS OF THE WORLD" in September releases singles and albums the following October, but this shooting session is on the verge of it. It was held the day before the release of the single "We Are the Champions".
Moreover, this session is not just clip shooting. Hundreds of spectators gathered were members of the fan club, and after the filming, a special set of mini-lives was also offered as a means of cooperation. It is also an extremely unique live album that vacuum packed its full appearance with superb sound.
BBC's famous moderator Bob Harris appeared when he played this work. I will explain the gist of this day such as the band playing mime according to the music, then having a special live. A special mood is full marks from here already. Although QUEEN's people still have not appeared, it is an avid club member who gathers at the venue. Just by participating in a special occasion it is a way of excitement. And members finally appeared, the studio take "We Are The Champions" was swept away, shooting started. Of course, although singles have not been released yet, it is a new song, but suddenly clapping hand clapping, the cheers and whistling flies. Indeed, the "far side" of that clip will be documented with 100% sound of the real life.

【Superb sound to update the highest peak】
I am sorry but the quality of this work to convey such a scene is superb. Master who was discovered more than 10 years ago from now, was once popular as a press CD "CHAMPIONS SHOOT". This is also terribly clear and neat. Although clips can be confirmed, the stage is closer to the stage than ordinary concerts, and the performances and singing voices with their contours clearly jump in at hand. Moreover, the freshness is preeminent. Both performance sound and singing voice are fresh, and almost no deterioration in dubbing and aged deterioration are felt. Despite the tremendous excitement on site, the vivid and steady sense is passed through, and the singing voice of Fumidy of off-miking (even though it sounds) is heard on the other side of "We Are The Champions" which should be a mime. It is such an exquisite master.
Moreover, this work has polished such "CHAMPIONS SHOOT" master in latest and meticulous remaster. Of course, I do not do something like crushing down all the precious things with unnecessary sound pressure creation. The main point of mastering is goodness of miss which makes clear recording stand out. It does not even raise the strong tone further (if it does it, the peak will be crushed), carefully arrange each tone range, vividly adjusting the contour and the skimmer of one tone. In addition, the sound pressure and stereo feeling which changed randomly for each scene was also adjusted, realizing the sound which shines crystal-clear clearly as it is natural sound.

【Extraordinary rare & intense special live】
It is the real feeling of reborn sounds since the extremely rare mini-live began. A cool thing of "Tie Your Mother Down" that starts from Mim's "We Are The Champions" without getting a hair cut!
After that, a set like "A DAY AT THE RACES TOUR" compactly gathered, but the performance is pretty unique. "White Man" "The Prophet's Song" is also experimental, Brian also used EBow for the first time. It is a version reminiscent of the middle part of "Get Down Make Love" later. What's more fresh is "Bohemian Rhapsody" "Now I'm Here." Intro is as usual, but suddenly it changes to "Now I'm Here" when it comes to the opera part ...... from here. This arrangement is exquisite and it is really cool.
Such a set is fresh, but the mood surrounding it is also wonderful. All the audience are all core fans. There is not a single-person person like a human being, all you want to do is do clapping and big chorus. Moreover, it is not complicated because everyone concentrates on QUEEN in front of you. The clapper is integrated with the rhythm corps, the choir is perfectly matched with the chorus. Huge excitement is directly linked to the expansion of equal performance.
And the highlight of that special space is a big rush. When the raging "Jailhouse Rock" is over, a fuss that only expresses as "a rebellion of joy" occurs, and the "We Want Queen!" Call explodes! Even a single thread is not disturbed, and the hot call that lasts a long while is a frightening feeling even the wind pressure. And it turns into a "We Are The Champions!" Call, finally dragging out QUEEN's side.
This scene is the biggest listening to this work, but what more played by members who came out is "See What A Fool I've Been"! Since 1976 Nippon Budokan, the rare number of "QUEEN II" with few recorded records. Of course, it is a place that I can not imagine if I am normal, but the real fans are full of fans. It is played as much as saying "Do you understand?", And it responds spectacularly with joy ... ... The ideal space of fans and bands is drawn with exquisite sounds.
Just a special. Unlike any other title, it's hotter than any live. It is an extremely special live album that can be experienced with the superb sound of its rare rare show. With quality that you can enjoy even if you are not a mania, it is one piece that can become hot like a maniac. Please, please enjoy at any time with permanent preservation press CD.

★ "Legendary Champion" Promo Shooting is a very rare short set live of about 50 minutes that was done by special service to fans at the time of shooting. The sound quality is also good.