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Label: Wardour 358
Country: Japan
Released: July 2019.
Recorded: Live at New Theatre, Oxford, UK 20th November 1973.
Sound: Audience recording.
Comments:  Wardour label claimed this is the best recording of this concert available on the marked.
The source is strong upgrades to what have been in circulation for years. A nice surprise for real Queen fans and collectors
Roots: Audience Tape.
Time: 54:41

Front cover
 1. Intro: Procession  (tape)
 2. Father To Son
 3. Son And Daughter
 4. Ogre Battle
 5. Hangman
 6. Keep Yourself Alive
 7. Liar
 8. Jailhouse Rock Medley
 9. Bama Lama Bama Loo

 - - - - - - SOUNDCHECK - - - - - -
 10. Guitar
 11. Ogre Battle
 12. Procession  (tape)
 13. Father To Son
 14. Son And Daughter
 15. Bama Lama Bama Loo
 16. Keep Yourself Alive

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Back cover


It made its debut in "The Princess of War" and the legendary curtain opened in 1973. It is in such an early days, and a major upgrade master of the name recording that boasts unmatched individuality is appearance.
 It is "November 20, 1973 Oxford performance" that is included in such a work. It is a historical audience recording that recorded the full show and the precious sound check. They started to claim QUEEN in July 1970, and it was officially formed in February 1971 when John Deacon joined. The record of the very early stage was the photograph level, and it was after 1973 that actually the performance began to be recorded. It's a good opportunity, so let's look back on such early days and check the position of this work.

・ February 5: BBC session ← ※ official "ON AIR"
・ April 9: London performance
 "July 13" QUEEN debut album "released
・ July 13-August 3: UK # 1 (3 performances)
 "August" Queen II "production"
・ September 13: London performance  Official "ON AIR"
・ Oct. 13-Dec. 2: UK # 2 (23 performances) ★ ★ Coco ★
・ December 3: BBC session   Official "ON AIR"
・ December 6-28: UK # 3 (eight performances)

 [A well-known upgraded recording of the dawn period]
 This is QUEEN 1973. This year's performances include two BBC sessions and the Golders Green Theater performance, which has become the official live album "ON AIR", and the Oxford performance of this work is the eighth performance of "British # 2" that will be in between. QUEEN's oldest audience recording is “November 17th Liverpool performance (you can enjoy it with 'POP SPECTACULAR (Wardour-340))'”, and this work was a concert three days later.
 This show has been known for a long time, and it has been introduced in the bonus CDR, but this work is different. It is an upgrade master discovered recently. The sound is astonishing as it is beyond the conventional ... completely different dimension. Although the masters until now have been told that the recording itself is wonderful, Yole covered with fierce hiss and wakame. It was a type that grasps the song from the fragment and listens while correcting the twist in the brain. However, there is no need for brain correction at this time. The sound is crisp and crisp, so it can be immersed in youthful performance without any disturbances or stagnation.
 When it comes to this, the "good of recording" that was originally felt is fully open. Although it is not a type mistaken for a sound board, a powerful core arrives at hand so that the presence of the audience disappears, and the detail is also vivid accordingly. Anyway, the realism and reality are amazing. In the past, the sound had always felt like playing on the other side of the tape, but the new master seemed to have four people in front of you, who were just 24.8 years old. At the time of the audience recording, the deep bass which tends to be skaska is captured firmly, and the bass line can be tasted clearly. Of course, this work also carries out mastering that brings out the potential of the new excavation master. The beauty of realistic reality and vintage sounding doesn't lose fine dust, corrects the pitch accurately, and realizes the clearness of the contour. More accurately reproduce the "site of 1973".

 [Live and sound check that can feel young QUEEN close up]
 The show drawn by the sound is a blast of youthfulness. At that time, we have been performing continuously for nine days with the support of MOTT THE HOOPLE, this work is its sixth performance. It will be every day of every day, but I will not feel the fine dust such as fatigue, Freddie's voice is in excellent condition. The "Father To Son" decided by farset, the chorus break of "Son And Daughter" is also very cool. As mentioned above, speaking of 1973, the sound board of the September London performance, which has been formalized, is also a standard, but there is a “Keep Yourself Alive” that can not be heard, a rare song “Hangman”, a cover of Little Richard “Bama You can also enjoy Lama Bama Loo.

 Such production live alone is a treasure, but the main listening place of this work is the sound check recorded in the second half. It was recorded on the same "November 20th Oxford", but this is also an upgrade master. As a matter of fact, this recording is more than 20 minutes at maximum, but this work is an edited version that has been shortened to about 14 minutes. However, since the cut part is almost silent, you can enjoy delicious performances and conversations. And what is better than anything is sound. Although there are hiss as well as the conventional board, yole and stiffness have been greatly improved. This is also the best sound that can be felt in front of the four people who are passionate about rehearsals. And that feeling of presence is overwhelming. Conversations among the members, Freddie's relaxed singing voice, a figure giving instructions as a on-site director, etc., scenes that can not be heard in other pop out one after another. The record of 1973 is a life that is truly worth seeing at the beginning of the dawn, but this sound check is exactly what I am. You can taste the vintage recording catharsis as much as possible.

 The well-known recording representing the dawn of the QUEEN "1973" has been upgraded significantly. As well as live 100% of the real life, it is a treasure of vintage recording that can be present to the precious sound check. At the scene where the legend has begun to move, please bite it with the permanent preservation press CD.