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Label: Wardour 340
Country: Japan
Released: May 2019
Recorded: Golders Green Hippodrome, London UK,  September 13th. 1973. BBC recording.
Liverpool Stadium, England,  November 17th. 1973. Audience recording.
Sound: Soundboard & audience recording.
Comments:  A single disc stereo soundboard from Golders Green Hippodrome, London, UK on September 13th, 1973 “Taken from the original BBC transcription services disc (CN 2073/S)”.
This also features bonus material recorded at the Stadium, Liverpool, UK on November 17th, 1973. These two performances were originally released as Pop Spectacular (Wardour-016).

Enclosed with the 'Numbered Stickered Edition Only'.
This is BBC sessions 74 & 77 recordings. Also sold seperate.
Roots: BBC transcription promo LP, and audience recorded tape.
Time: 56:42   Bonus CDR 42:04

Front cover
 Intro: Procession  (tape)
 Father To Son 
 Son And Daughter 
 Ogre Battle
 Members introduction    
 (Golders Green H., London Sept. 13th. 1973. BBC) 

 Intro:  Procession  (tape)
 Father To Son 
 Son And Daughter 
 Ogre Battle
 Keep yourself Alive
 Liar  (cuted before end)
(The Stadium, Liverpool,  UK, November 17th. 1973)

 Bonus CDR (Numbered Stickered Edition Only)

 Session 4
 Recorded at Langham One Studio, London 3rd April 1974
 Broadcast on Radio 1, 15th April 1974
 1. Modern Times Rock and Roll
 2. Nevermore
 3. White Queen

 Session 5
 Recorded at Maida Vale Studio, London 16th October 1974
 Broadcast on Radio 1, 4th November 1974
 4. Bob Harris MC
 5. Now I'm Here
 6. Bob Harris MC
 7. Stone Cold Crazy
 8. Bob Harris MC
 9. Flick Of The Wrist
 10. Bob Harris MC
 11. Tenement Funster
 12. Bob Harris MC

 Session 6
 Recorded at Maida Vale Studio, London 28th October 1977
 Broadcast on Radio 1, 14th November 1977
 13. Spread Your Wings
 14. It's Late
 15. My Melancholy Blues
 16. We Will Rock You


    Inside original.

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Back cover


Review from internet.

The myth began here. The decision board which set the vertex stereo sound board recording & the oldest audience recording of very early QUEEN is brushed up and appeared.
Two performances are included in such a work. Vertex stereo sound board recording is "September 13, 1973 Golders Green Theater", the oldest audience recording is "Nov. 17th, 1973 Liverpool performance". It is a press CD that permanently preserves both with the highest peak quality. How early are these two performances? In order to realize that, let's first confirm the show's position in the 1973 schedule when everything started to move.

・ February 5: BBC session
・ April 9: Marquee Club
"July 13" QUEEN LP "released
・ July 13-August 3: UK (3 performances)
"August" Queen II "production"
・ September 13: London Golders Green Hippodrome.
・ October 11-December 28: Europe (35 performances)

This is a panoramic view of 1973 when it debuted in "QUEEN". It was in 1971 that four people were gathered, but speaking of live at that time, "several months" level. The above-mentioned "Europe" was the first activity called "tour" including the first overseas performance. The stereo sound board recording of this work was just before that, and the oldest audience recording was a concert equivalent to "Europe" 12 performances. Let's introduce each one individually.

[First half: September 13, 1973 BBC RADIO 1 appearance]
First to appear is a great sound source representing the immediate after debut. Stereo sound board recording of "September 13, 1973 Golder's Green Theater Performance". It was a special concert for BBC broadcast. BBC is not a “BBC session” that adds overdubs to studio live, but it is a live recording of concert style performed in front of the audience.
In fact, this show has already been formalized. It was also included in the 6-disc deluxe edition of "ON AIR," which shocked three years ago. "ON AIR" is a truly groundbreaking formulation, and it was a cultural heritage grade feat that covered all "BBC sessions" even with a two-disc standard edition. Furthermore, when it becomes a deluxe edition of 6 sets, the BBC's treasure other than studio live also acts on a large scale. It was supposed to be the ideal image of the formulation ... ... ... that no longer all BBC bootlegs. However, I could not say so in a sad way. As a result of listening to the core mania, including overseas, as a result of listening down as "best sound", it was the broadcast version of those days. The highest quality version of the broadcast version ... that is this work.
In fact, sound board recording that occupies this work (the first half) is just the ultimate.

In the sense of length, although the military version rises to the official version which also recorded "Jailhouse Rock", the sound is not so. The official version was a sound-pressing sound that corresponds to the ears who got used to the intense sound pressure of modern rock only in the 2016 release, but this work is only "1973 sound". It has been finely digitized from the BBC transcription disc (and not used!), And it is super beautiful but overwhelmingly natural. The official version forced old recordings to rise to the level of the modern market, but the high-pitched sound was sloppy to the ear (the four of them would not have played either) and too thick bass was like a terrifying baby. did. In other words, it was the finish for de amateurs with no sound source knowledge. On the other hand, this work is just the sound of four people.
The musical instruments of the analog age hold on to the analog sense, and have determined the highest peak. Furthermore, this work brush up the highest peak master further. Of course, I do not put any hands on the beautiful sounds beyond the official, and focus only on the removal of fine noises. There is no noticeable noise from only the master who was told that "you can officially release it as it is" from the beginning of the excavation, but it is corrected by finding out the noise at the microscope level, such as whether or not you notice the ear with headphones. We achieved the ultimate form.
The music depicted in such a supreme sound is wonderful. The contents are concentrated reduction of historical two "Prince of the Fallen" "Queen II". The band potential is "Queen II" itself (only just after the album production) while showing the famous music with the balance of 1st 2nd song + 2nd 3rd song. Especially, "Father To Son" is a live performance that will be premiered all over the world. "Queen II" is an ideal image of British hard rock, but the evolution of hard rock is live performance. In other words, this work is even an ideal image that can be achieved by British hard rock.

In addition, it is the narration of BBC that adds the flower to the live performance. There is nothing to be done in terms of content, such as the introduction of a band, but what I listen to is a word of "Decon John!" Although this is an introduction along with the credits of the debut film "The Princess of War", John himself did not like this call and was soon changed to "John Deacon". Some people see the credits for their debut as mistakes, but they can enjoy it as proof of the sound of the highest quality ever, rather than intentional.

[Second half: November 17th, 1973 Liverpool performances]
The audience recording of two months later follows such a supreme BBC sound. Known as QUEEN's oldest customer record, its quality is such a wonderful thing that even the extremely high scarcity value is out of the question. It was first released at the Fan Convention in 2004, and it is said that it was said to have been digitized directly by the manager at that time (1973).
The dubbing mark is not all that much, and aging is hardly felt whether the preservation environment is good or not. Although it is not a direct feeling like BBC sound source which is the highest peak sound board in history, its lush sound, noiseless luster, clear air feeling transmitted to the detail, and the neat sound only because of the master ...... Everything is more than common sense in the early 70's. Of course, this is also the latest, meticulous mastering and brush up. We realized the quality that can be listened to side by side with the supreme BBC master.
And the show is great. The first half of the BBC is very similar only after two months, but you can also enjoy the "Keep Yourself Alive" and the precious unreleased song "Hangman" that you can not hear there. Furthermore, the enthusiasm is great. Although the BBC of the radio recording also has a youthful passion, it is better to be on stage here. It's full of openness, and it's vacuum packed with the best sound that shines in the very early stages that shine in the original place.

QUEEN which made great name board "Queen II" and finally began to show its true territory. It is a decision board of the live album that the band potential explodes. QUEEN's oldest best audience recording on the BBC sound board, which is said to be "more than official" from mania in the world. It is a historical masterpiece that you can enjoy the extremely early QUEEN in the highest peak version of both of them. That's exactly what you want to make "1973" in line with "Queen" and "Queen II".
Please enjoy yourself with the permanent preservation press CD.
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

★ The supreme live album 'POP SPECTACULAR' which set QUEEN's oldest audience recording to the super-super sound board said to be even more than official CD. As long as the first limited numbered sticker is attached, the treasured soundboard album "BBC SESSIONS: MASTER REEL VERSIONS", which is also said to be more than the official "ON AIR", is specially attached.

Recorded at Langham One Studio, London 3rd April 1974
Recorded at Maida Vale Studio, London 16th October 1974
Recorded at Maida Vale Studio, London 28th October 1977

The main story press CD is the highest peak record of the extremely early QUEEN. In particular, the soundboard recordings arose from the BBC transcription is a historic one, even more than the official "ON AIR". However, there is also a BBC sound source that has been praised as "more than official". Although it is a masterpiece without bonus if it is not, it is a special attachment decision to enhance the collection.
The so-called "BBC session" is contained in such a work. Britain's proud BBC (British Broadcasting Corporation) was also a pioneer who pioneered rock culture with musicians in terms of broadcasting. With the rise of youth culture, we carried out various forms of broadcasting to convey new sensibility. "BBC IN CONCERT" which broadcasts live shows as it is, "TOP OF THE POPS" whose mouth is main, "THE OLD GRAY WHISTLE TEST" of live studio performances, etc. Today, the archive is also producing countless official works.
Under such circumstances, what is called "BBC SESSIONS" is a kind of unique. Generally known as live recording, it is not a recording of a regular stage concert. Several songs will be played in one recording, and will be recorded in a spectatorless studio, and then overdubs will also be ant. The foundation is a live performance where all the members play, so it is not necessary to distract the audience in front of them and concentrate on music. Moreover, it is also built in (though it is a case-by-case only). It is exactly the middle of a studio work and a live work, and its individuality is regarded as special.
And QUEEN left BBC session all six times. This work is the best edition which recorded three times of 1974-1977 that is the latter half. This is a good opportunity, so let's organize the contents of this work by the recording date of all the sessions here.

● “Queen” period
Session 1: February 5, 1973
・ Session 2: July 25, 1973
・ Session 3: December 3, 1973
● "Queen II" era
・ Session 4: April 3, 1974 [This work]
● "Shear Heart Attack" era
・ Session 5: 1974 October 16 [This work]
● "News Of  The World" era
Session 6: October 28, 1977 [This work]

This is the BBC session of QUEEN. Of course, all this is formulated as "ON AIR", but this work is different. Published by the person who owns the master reel for broadcasting in 2009, digitizing directly from the master reel. The introduction MC of Bob Harris, which had been cut off in "ON AIR", is also recorded uncut.
The legendary DJ's voice is also valuable, but more important is the sound. The official album "ON AIR" has been subjected to modern mastering of sound pressure earning, but this work is a natural sound without processing. In fact, this is completely different. Although the official board is finished dynamically, the peaks are panned and the edges of the notes disappear without much detailing. However, this work does not have such a work at all. There is no extreme dynamism like a roller coaster, but the rise of one sound and one sound is sharp, it draws a mountain beautifully, and a delicate vive is beautifully left until it disappears.
This natural feeling is excellent. Even if you raise the volume, the piano does not get stuck in the ear, the piano gives you a sense of reality that sounds like it sounds in front of you, and the guitar has a string that shakes your eyes. Pay particular attention to the sounds of cymbals. While the core is so glossy that it drifts to metallic luster, its delicate sound continues. When I listen to it with ears that are used to the official record, it is surprisingly clear that the weak sound is clear, "Was it sounding so long?" Furthermore, chorus. Since it is a BBC session, chorus work is also built in overdub, and its delicate entanglement is natural and beautiful to detail.
When it comes to the official release of a big game like QUEEN, it has to be finished for everyone. There will be a lot of people who listen for the first time yesterday today, and in the store, they line up with contemporary rock works. The official work "ON AIR" was definitely a sound that met those needs. However, the actual sound played by QUEEN and the vibe that shakes the atmosphere of the 70's are completely different. It was richer and richer.
This is the "real sound" that the master reel was sucking. It is a super best album which digitized it as it is. It is a BBC session that depicts the beauty world approaching the official studio work while retaining the liveliness of live music. A genuine sound that goes beyond the official home official along with the main press CD.

Please enjoy this opportunity plenty.