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Label: Master Stroke 2012 (FFMS-009)
Country: Japan
Released: March 2012
Recorded: See info
Sound: For the most excellent stereo studio recordings.
Comments:  One more 1cd release from Master Stroke label, included rare tracks. Most of them are available on other bootlegs or officially records.
Producer claimed Digitally Remastered  might be true. Anyway, nice release to have in a collection for hard core fans and collectors.
Roots: Various.

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 1. Hammer To Fall  (Multitrack Drumless Remix)
 2. Princes Of The Universe  (Soundtrack Version)
 3. Gimme The Prize  (The eYe Version)
 4. Friends Will Be Friends  (Extended Version)
 5. Back To Storm  (Demo)
 6. Who Wants To Live Forever  (Freddie Vocal Version)
 7. The Miracle  (Multitrack Remix)
 8. Breakthru  (The Almost Now Edit)
 9. Hang On In There  (Fiddly Jam Demo)
 10. Scandal  (Remix)
 11. A New Life Is Born  (Demo)
 12. I Want It All  (Multi track Remix)
 13. Dog With The Bone  (Demo)
 14. The Invisible Man  (Video Mix)
 15. Was It All Worth It  (Instrumental)
 16. I Guess We're Falling Out  (Demo)
 17. My Baby Loves Me  (Demo)
 18. Hijack My Heart  (Demo)
 19. Too Much Love Will Kill You  (Instrumental)
 20. The Show Must Go On  (Multitrack Remix)


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