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Label: Master Stroke FFMS 010
Country: Japan
Released: May 2012
Recorded: Rarities from 1989 through 1995.
Sound: Studio recordings.

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The Show Must Go On (Vocal Main Remix)
Innuendo (Wind And Explosive Version)
I Canít Live With You (US Promo Ė Brian Malouf Remix)
Affairs / Grand Dame (Unreleased Demo)
Headlong (Original Version)
My Secret Fantasy (Unreleased Demo)
Robbery (Unreleased Demo)
Self Made Man (Unreleased Demo)
Ride The Wild Wind (Remix)
Delilah (Early Demo Version)
The Hitman (Extended Instrumental)
These Are The Days Of Our Lives (Promo Radio Edit)
I Was Born To Love You (Instrumental)
Too Much Love Will Kill You (Heart-Ache)
Heaven For Everyone (Greatest Flix Video Edit)
You Donít Fool Me (Dutch Single Edit)
Let Me Live (Original Version)
Itís A Beautiful Day (Extended Remix)
Tavaszi Szel Vizet Araszt (Live In Budapest 1986. Secret bonus track )

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