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Label: Shakuntala STCD-064/065
Country: Japan
Released: February 2016
Recorded: Live at Budokan Hall, Tokyo  Japan, February 12th. 1981
Sound: Audience recording
Comments:  The first gig of total 5 gig's at Budokan Hall in February 81. The only shows they did in Japan on this 'The Game' tour. I'm not sure about the sound quality, but info on net say's excellent sound.
Roots: Originally from a audience tape recording.

Front cover

 01. Introduction
 02. Jailhouse Rock
 03. We Will Rock You 
 04. Let Me Entertain You
 05. Play The Game
 06. Mustapha
 07. Death On Two Legs
 08. Killer Queen
 09. I'm In Love With My Car
 10. Get Down Make Love
 11. Save Me
 12. Now I'm Here
 13. Dragon Attack
 14. Now I'm Here - Reprise

 01. Fat Bottomed Girls
 02. Love Of My Life
 03. Keep Yourself Alive
 04. Drums Solo ~ In The Death Cell ~ Guitar Solo
 05. Battle Theme
 06. Flash
 07. The Hero
 08. Crazy Little Thing Called Love
 09. Bohemian Rhapsody
 10. Tie Your Mother Down
 11. Another One Bites the Dust
 12. Sheer Heart Attack
 13. We Will Rock You
 14. We Are The Champions
 15. God Save The Queen

SOUNDCHECK February 19, 1981
16. Somebody To Love
17. Teo Torriatte (Let Us Cling Together)

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Back cover

1981 Budokan concert the first day!
Complete recording in the first appearance sound source of high-quality sound!
Queen and Japanese fans are connected by special ties.

March 11, 2011, the Great East Japan large earthquake of unprecedented hit. On a scale of earthquake observation biggest ever in Japan, the epicenter in Tokyo Nagato Tohoku is a matter of course, has come out to hear the magnitude of the scale from it says also felt the tremor in the Kansai area. Damage not only the earthquake, tsunami engulf the city, the nuclear power plant as the cause of the tsunami such as power loss, and to induce serious secondary damage, the tertiary damage, the convergence is still on the way. How the damage is reported along with the shocking image around the world, it has had a variety of effects. Brian May, which saw the news on television was immediately announced the comment. “Tears have reflected the state of the tsunami when I got up with a TV in the morning was out. Servants and Japan are linked by strong ties. You can regain the life of this up as soon as possible the day, much of the stores this tragedy I want to send a feeling of messages and sympathy of love so as to be relegated to the distant “.

There are commonly artist called BIG IN JAPAN. It term to refer to the “artists that are not sold only in Japan,” but, like Ventures and The Runaways is said to be its representative. Others, such as the first to Cheap Trick, and the like in the band that became a star even at home from out popular in Japan. And there is a case in which Queen is counted as one of them.

As in the words of the above-mentioned Brian, Japan and the queen are connected by special ties. Queen since his debut in 1973, a number of live activity, and announced the album, there is also a hit song, had gained steadily career. However, on the other hand the media of the uke is significantly worse, is in the hard rock imitator, is in the glam-rock that had already become a thing of the past at the time half-hearted, the music that has been built in a guitar superimposed a heavy chorus and dubbing there is no example in the past, the media how it handled also probably have been struggling. Although it was what hit, remained low as a band.

Meanwhile, it is like the Japanese music life as fan club newsletter magazine makes a big push to the Japanese fans. With respect to Western music that information sources was limited at that time, the influence of the music life is fiercely, there its worth, gained tremendous popularity among young women, including the idle elements even more than music than is. Meanwhile, it is the first visit to Japan performance in 1975 has been made. Welcome the first time in at that time, and have been accepted their music is this much in No way far the Far East, will be surprised above all the person in question who is the best. This at once Queen members of the it becomes a Japanophile. It is also not just a Japanophile, embraced an interest in Japan itself, including the Japanese culture, is led to Freddie was devoted much built a Japanese garden at home. In addition to the 1976 album “splendid race” and the like to record a song that was sung in Japanese, it is not too much to just say that Japan and the Queen are linked in a special relationship.

Therefore, although I number of tour to Japan often, first visit to Japan is 1975, followed by 1976, 1979, 1981, 1982, and the 1985 becomes a Freddie alive during the last visit to Japan, in 10 years because it carried out the six degrees of Japan tour, things that the popularity of in Japan suggests. Artists who come to Japan with such frequency is unparalleled. Let’s say it again. Queen and Japan and are connected by special ties.

The has been recorded in this work, 1980, is the first day Budokan performances of his fourth visit to Japan. 1981 Queen, the previous year released the album “The Game”, which recorded the largest sales in the United States. Single is two songs of “the name of desire love” and “companion to hell” and to record a US number one hit, just creation should also referred to as the golden age was a time you have reached the peak. Also it is also responsible for the music for the movie “Flash Gordon” at the same time. Also by synthesizer that was repellent until now in this two albums have been extensively used, is the album that became the turning point of the queen. It is just that such a time in the Japan tour has been made. Location of five consecutive performances only at the Budokan, the popularity of increasingly growing Queen rather than decline would be said to have been rooted securely in Japan. This work is that the first day of the 1981 golden age of the Queen has carried out armed with US number one album and single Budokan five consecutive performances complete recording.

The concert was the opening poke a surprise that kicks off what the “Jailhouse Rock”. Already the band, which has been a big name is, moreover surprised and begin with a cover over one’s head the many some hit songs. And the second song is “We Will Rock You,” a of it, but interesting that by changing To radically arrangements be played in up-tempo. Fans or would not really was surprised at that time. And as features of this tour to Japan, would that have been devoted time to the second half of the instrument number. There is also the fact that immediately after the announcement of the soundtrack as described above, “Flash Gordon” is you’re showing off in a big way on stage the songs from the album following the drum solo and guitar solo. Installation and those unrelated to the great and boring to say is a performance of a masterpiece that will aspects of as technician of the band confronted whether even this. And concert Rounding out the “Bohemian Rhapsody” is, of course, the latest hit song “desire of the name of that love,” “road shift to hell”, and this time the faithful to the original, “We Will Rock You” follow up everyone number continues to know so. And greet the finale in the “champion of the legend.” It should be noted, has been included as a bonus track, from the sound check of the Budokan last day of February 18, 1981 as “All in Love” two songs of “hand in hand”. “All in Love”, but did not play in the end stage, thus surprising is that was being played in the sound check. And “join hands” although the first day was not played, because it is played as a special song of the last day, it would be one for the.

Sound source using the first appearance of the sound source unpublished that had been dead storage mania is more than 30 years was realistic at the time Budokan. Its sound quality As can be seen if you listen to the sound samples, other Quality of wonders that had not been around all this such a high-quality recording is until now. Moreover, it is I think you do not believe because say that full inclusion in uncut. Etc. any number 1981 of Queen Japan tour sound source, as exceptional Peach’s Hall of Fame is, or not than there is nothing to surpass this work otherwise. It much, which is one of the best sound quality in the Queen concert in Japan in 1981.

The February 12th Budokan performance hit on the first day since 1981 Queen Japan Tour full inclusion in the high-quality sound of the first appearance sound source. In addition two songs from the sound check of the last day is a bonus track. They are connected by special ties Queen and Japan. If you listen to this work, or would not than suggests one end of the reason. Permanent preservation firmly press platen of the beautiful picture disc specification. With Japanese band.