2 CD & 2DVD

Label: Regina Immaculata Production.
Country: I guess Japan, but not sure.
Released: November 2019.
Recorded: Hammersmith Odeon, London England  December 26th. 1979.
Sound: CD: Excellent audience recording. DVD: pro-film recording.
Comments:  Looks like a nice release of the Kampuchea concert on December 26th. 1979.
The concert was filmed and pro-recorded in full, but so far not released officially in any form. But, there are a one hour television program 'Queen Special', which contains around an hour live from this concert. Also live videos shown at Queen Convention's over the years, has been copied and found the way out on the bootleg market.
The 2 DVD contains films from those sources.

This 4 day's Benefit Concert's For Unicef took place at Hammersmith Odeon in London UK.
Queen was the only band who played a full set on the first day. On the next 3 day's, other band's did their set.
A 2lp was released, but Queen only appear with 'Now I'm Here'. You can read more of this 4 day's 'Kampuchea' concert's on Wikipedia.
I really hope one day to get a proper Queen Production release of this concert on audio and DVD/ Blu-ray.
I have heard rumors it's a lot of work, to clear out rights for a officially release, since someone owns (paid for) the audio recordings, other owns and paid for the film and the filming.... It's sometimes complicated when it comes to a releasing of a concert like this, which was hold to raise money for the tragedy in Kampuchea.
I'm not even sure which deal Queen did, when they did the gig. Was they paid or did they played for free? Any deal for the audio & film right's?
Anyway, I'm sure it's possible to release it officially. It's just a question of money to get it released.
Note: I'm not sure I have right about this 'rights', It's just things I've read and heard over the years.
Limited edition of 300 numbered copies incl. a booklet with the complete track listing.
Roots: CD: Audience recorded tape. DVD: Professional film recording.

Front cover

Back cover



 CD 1
 1 Intro: Thunder & Lighting 
 2 Jailhouse Rock
 3 We Will Rock You  (fast)
 4 Let Me Entertain You
 5 Somebody To Love
 6 If You Can't Beat Them
 7 Medley: Mustapha
 8               Death On Two Legs
 9               Killer Queen
 10             I'm In Love With My Car
 11             Get Down Make Love
 12 You're My Best Friend
 13 Save Me
 14 Now I'm Here
 15 Don't Stop Me Now
 16 Spread Your Wings
 17 Love Of My Life
 18 '39

 CD 2
 1 Keep Yourself Alive
 2 Guitar Solo ~
    Silent Night  (acoustic by Brian)
 3 Brighton Rock
 4 Crazy Little Thing Called Love
 6 Bohemian Rhapsody
 7 Tie Your Mother Down
 8 Sheer Heart Attack
 9 We Will Rock You
 10 We Are The Champions
 11 God Save The Queen  (tape)

 DVD 1  The QUEEN Special
 1 US Broadcast "The Queen Special"
    Edited 60 min. Concert From TV Documentary
 2 Japanese Re-Broadcast

 DVD 2  Multiple Source Compilation "Rock
              For Kampuchea" - Extended Queen

 1 Superb Mix Of 20 Tracks From Four Pro-
    Shot Sources.

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