3LP BOX & 2 LP

Label: Audrey AR 082 083 084 (3LP BOX).  Audrey AR 083 & 084 (2LP)
Country: Europe, as far as I know.
Released: 12 April 2022 (3LP BOX set).
Recorded: All track from early days. Pre-Queen band, and the 'Trident' years 1973-1974, the three first albums. Well, some Queen track might be demos etc. from before 73.
Sound: For the most excellent sound.
Cover: Color cover.
Comments:  This Audrey release with title FOUR, are available as a 3LP BOX set, and as a 2LP (AR 083 & 084). Both this release contains new vinyl disc in this 'vinyl series' from Audrey label.
I will not be surprised if these disc's will be released with various cover & packing.
Anyway, it looks like there are some 'new' versions of known songs.

I don't have the album's, so I can't identify which tracks this is. I mean studio session or live etc.
I've heard some short sound excerpts on internet, but not easy to identify the source on all.
I have listed information behind the tracks, which I found on the internet.
For those tracks without info, I'm unsure whatever it's live or studio so far.
Those tracks with 'pre-overdubs' are probably from Hammersmith Odeon concert on X-mas in 1975. BBC recording. I'm quite sure of this.
This concert was broadcasted on radio, and television some weeks later, as well over the years. Officially released in 2015 in full on audio 2lp,1cd + DVD & Blu-ray.

I'm not sure have many of this 3LP BOX release are available.
Hand-numbered color vinyl 2LP + insert limited to 300 copies. 2LP appears to be a box set release.
I've been told this 2LP was released in January 2022. But also June 2022 on yellow & blue vinyl.

Front cover 3LP BOX

Back cover 3LP BOX

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2LP is released in 300 numbered copies.

Front & vinyl 2LP  AR 083 & AR 084.

2LP on yellow & blue vinyl.
Released June 20th. 2022.
Looks like a box set this 2lp.
 SIDE 1  AR 082
 Step On Me  (take 1)
 How Can It Be
 Our Love Is Driftin'
 (1984 band feat. Brian May. Studio demo tape 1967)

 So Sweet  (IBEX live 1969, feat Freddie on vocal)

 SIDE 2  AR 082
 Ogre Battle  (live in London)
 Liar  (live in London)
 Hangman  (live in Birmingham)

 SIDE 1  AR 083 
 Keep Yourself Alive  (unreleased demo, studio)
 Brighton Rock  (raw multitrack mix, studio)
 Now I'm Here  (TOTP original vocal take, studio)
 See What A Fool I've Been  (live in Europe, pre-overdubs)

 SIDE 2  AR 083
 Ogre Battle  (live in Europe, pre-overdubs)
 White Queen (As It Began)  (live in Europe, pre-overdubs)
 In The Lap Of The Gods....Revisited  (live in Europe, pre-overdubs)

 SIDE 1  AR 084
 In The Lap Of The Gods....Revisited (original ending edit)
 Stone Cold Crazy  (alternate vocals)
 Hangman (early audience live 73~75, un-released)
 Seven Seas Of Rhye  (live in Europe, pre-overdubs)

 SIDE 2  AR 084
 Brighton Rock  (live in Europe, pre-overdubs)
 Son And Daughter  (live in Europe, pre-overdubs)
 Keep Your Self Alive  (live in Europe, pre-overdubs)
 Liar  (live in Europe, pre-overdubs)

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Front cover of 2LP   AR 083 & AR 084 Back cover of 2LP
Inside 2LP fold-out cover with disc's. Back of 2LP cover with disc's.