7 Inch Box

Label: 'Not on label' as fare as I know.
Country: Europe
Released: December 2022.
Recorded: 1991. Monteux recording session for 'Hot Space' album, featuring David Bowie.
Sound: Excellent studio recording.
Cover: Cover on box and singles.
Comments:  A 7 inch box which contains 3 singles on color vinyl, RED, GREEN & YELLOW.
Limited release of 100 hand numbered copies. All three singles has same tracks.
As far as I know, this is the well known demos, which has been around. But I might take wrong.
Anyway, I haven't seen this box on regular bootleg sale list, so it's might be expensive and difficult to get.

Front of box
 Under Pressure  (early demo)

 Under Pressure  (demo)

Front of the singles. Back of the singles.

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Back of box