2 LP

Label: TFKRL 9201 
Country: Germany
Released: 1992
Recorded: Various live & studio. Audience & soundboard recordings.  
Sound: For the most excellent.
Cover/ Label:  Fold-out cover, neutral labels.
Comments:  Collection of rare live & studio tracks. Nice blue/black 'metallic' gatefold cover with 4 page info insert. I have read on internet, that 5000 copies where pressed on black vinyl of this album.
Also later re-released on various color vinyl, using the same cover.
Really a nice Queen vinyl bootleg for collectors.
Roots: From various tape source and other sources.
CD release:  Released on 2CD with same name, but different sleeve.

Front cover


 Imagine  (Frankfurt, Dec. 14th. '80)
 You're So Square (Baby I Don't Care) (Berlin '86)
 Hello Marry Lou  (Berlin '86)
 Tutti Frutti  (Berlin '86)
 The Millionaire Waltz (studio '76)
 Rock In Rio Blues  (Rio, Brazil  Jan. 15th. '85)
 Take Me Home  (Sapporo, Oct. 29th. '82)
 Teo Torriatte  (Sapporo, Oct. 29th. '82)
 Tenement Funster (BBC session '74)
 Last Horizon (Brian May live UK TV '92)
 Manish Boy  (Glasgow, May 30th. '77)
 See What A Fool I've Been  (London, Sept. '73)
 Cool Cat (out-take '81 w/D.Bowie)
 Jailhouse Rock  (Osaka May 15th. '85) 
 Flick Of The Wrist  (BBC session '74)
 It's Late  (Zurich, Feb. 4th. '78)
 Mustapha  (London, Dec. 8th. '80)
 Death On Two Legs (Intro, London Dec. '80)

 Rock In Rio Blues (Berlin, June '86)
 Immigrant Song  (Berlin, June 26th. '86)
 Fat Bottomed Girls  (studio '78  -fake demo-)
 Doing Alright  (Osaka, March '76)
 Lazing On A Sunday Afternoon (Osaka '76)
 Back Chat  (Milton Keynes, June 5th. '82)
 I Can Hear Music  'Larry Lurex' (single '73)
 Need Your Loving Tonight  (London '80)
 Modern Times Rock'n Roll (BBC session 74)
 Not Fade Away (short, London '84)
 Life Is Real  (New Jersey, US '82)
 Rip It Up 'The Cross' band (live Germany)
 Saturday Nights Alright... (Osaka '85)
 Ev'rybody Happy ?  (studio '88, audience)
 Going Back 'Larry Lurex' (single b-side '73)
 Lucille  (Earls Court,  June '77)
 In My Defense  (Freddie solo from 'Time')
 Ogre Battle  (Forgotten intro ? demo ?  1:19)
 Hangman  (Tokyo  May 1st. '75)
 Hello...and Goodbye....
Burgundy vinyl Light green vinyl   Light red vinyl Clear green vinyl     Clear green vinyl

Burgundy, light green & light red vinyl's, are 1st. re-release.
Clear green & red vinyl's, are 2nd. re-release.

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Back cover

Inside fold-out cover