1973 / 1977 

1 LP

Label: -no info-
Country: I guess Italy
Released: Not sure.
Recorded: Side 1: BBC session July 1973.
Side 2: BBC session October 1977. 
Sound: Excellent studio recording.
Comments:  Picture disc bootleg. Comes in clear plastic bag. Recording comes from the BBC studio sessions back in 73 & 77. Well know on other bootlegs. I guess taken from "Freddie's Boys At The Beeb" vinyl bootleg. I which the bootlegger could have use photos from year of the sessions, to have on the picture disc. That would made this picture disc more collectable.
Nice recording anyway. All this tracks are officially un-released so far.
All tracks was officially released by Queen Production on 2cd, 3lp & a 6 cd box including interview & live radio broadcast cd's. This officially records was released in November 2016 with the name 'On Air'.
Roots: "Freddie's Boys At The Beeb" 1LP (I guess this sources has been used)
On CD: All tracks released on bootleg cd's.  

Front cover

 See What A Fool I've Been
 Keep Yourself Alive
 Son And Daughter
 Spread Your Wings 
 It's Late
 My Melancholy Blues 
 We Will Rock You  (slow ~ fast version)


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