1 LP

Label: Novodisc Media, Strings Plaza Independencia
Country: Argentina.
Released: January 2022, or the last months in 2021.
Recorded: Nep Stadium, Budapest, Hungary  July 27th. 1986.
Sound: Excellent professional sound.
Cover: Color cover.
Comments:  This seams to just be another bootleg with songs from the officially released VHS video (released in 1987), or taken from later officially DVD or Blu-ray.
The running order of the songs are not as they was performed. Nothing more than a rip-of vinyl LP.
The price on the South American net is around US $ 40,- for this vinyl LP. You can find it on regular shops & mail order companies there.

There is also a DVD with CD released by the same label & cover with more tracks.
Se below for photo and track info. Also included a video collection of regular Queen videos. The price on the South American net is around US $ 40,- for this DVD & CD pack.

Buy the regular officially DVD or Blu-ray, get the collectors edition which included 2cd with full audio of this Budapest concert. Released in 2012.
VHS was world-wide released in 1987.
Roots: From the officially released video or DVD, Blu-ray.

Front cover
 01 Love Of My Life
 02 Hammer To Fall
 03 Crazy Little Thing Called Love
 04 Radio Ga Ga
 05 We Will Rock You

 01 A Kind Of Magic
 02 I Want To Break Free
 03 Tutti Frutti
 04 Bohemian Rhapsody
 05 Friends Will Be Friends
 06 We Are The Champions

I guess the CD included the tracks listed in 'white'. This DVD has exactly the same tracks as the regular officially world-wide release 'Hungarian Rhapsody' DVD & Blu-ray.

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Back cover
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
REGULAR world-wide released Blu-ray
& DVD release (2012).
Collectors edition included full concert
on 2CD's as bonus.