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Label: The Freddie Mercury Memorial Label TFMML 001    
Country: Germany  
Released: Around 93 +/-
Recorded: Uris Theatre, New York, USA  May 1974. (Actually I'm not 100% sure this is correct. But it's from this time/year).
Sound: Very good audience  
Cover: B/w cover   
Comments:  From Queen's first US tour, supporting Mott The Hoople.
Released on blue and multi-color vinyl. Also a insert version is out. Not sure if insert version is a overstock or a re-release.
1. Blue vinyl 150 numbered copies.
2. Multi-color vinyl 200 numbered copies.
3. Insert version. (unsure how many is made) 
Roots: Original bootleg   
CD released: Released later on CD called "Supporting Mott The Hoople" 1CD.  

Front cover

 Intro: Procession  (tape)
 Father To Son
 Ogre Battle
 Son And Daughter

 Keep Yourself Alive          
 Modern Times Rock'n Roll
 Medley: Jailhouse Rock
               Stupid Cupid
               Be Bob A Lula


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