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Label: Not on label.
Country: Europe.
Released: Around spring time in 2014.
Recorded: 'Hot Space' 1982 session, and 'The Miracle' 1989 session.
Sound: Excellent studio recordings.
Cover: Full color cover.
Comments:  This LP contains demo recording from the 1982 'Hot Space' recording sessions, and from the 1989 'The Miracle' sessions. Actually a nice bootleg, but all tracks well know, and available on other bootlegs. The tracks from 'The Miracle' session are released officially in the 2022 THE MIRACLE box set which contains these demos and the officially album on vinyl and cd.
Side one & first track on side two, contains demos from 'Hot Space' session.
Rest on side 2 is from 'The Miracle' session.

This is a bit rare bootleg album. Limited release on 150 numbered copies on BLUE virgin vinyl.
I guess available on other color vinyl's to.
Roots: From tapes which contains recording from the mention sessions.

Front cover
 Staying Power  (4:13)
 Action This Day  (3:40)
 Back Chat  (4:35)
 Life Is Real (Song For Lennon)  (3:29)
 Las Palabras De Amore (The Words Of Love)  (4:23)
 Cool Cat  (3:48)

 Feel Like  (early work for 'Under Pressure')  (5:02)
 A New Life Is Born  (1:22)
 Dog With A Bone  (4:37)
 My Baby Loves Me  (3:35)
 I Guess We're Falling Out  (2:35)
 Hang On In There  (2:58)
 Hijack My Heart  (3:25)

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Back cover