1 LP

Label: SLA 0007  Rodan Records  
Country: USA
Released: 1978, but re-released many times.
Recorded: Seattle Arena, Seattle USA  March 13th. 1977.  
Sound: Very good ~ excellent audience recording.
Cover: 2 color front insert. Various color on insert are available, which is very common on American bootlegs with insert in the seventies and eighties.
Comments: Nice legendary bootleg with many interested tracks. Complete 'Rock 'n Roll' medley for first time on a bootleg.
This LP  have been re-released (or rather re-pressed) on vinyl many times over the years. Sometimes with another title and different insert. And also fake listed as live in L.A. USA in many lists.
Now available on a handful of cd titles. Full show out on 2cdr 'A Day At The... Master Reel' (Breakdown label). Other cd (silver pressed) titles has been released to.
Thin Lizzy band support Queen on many of the dates on this US tour in 1977.
Roots: Audience recorded tape. Only one tape source seams to be out on the bootleg marked.

Front insert

 Somebody To Love  
 You Take My Breath Away  
 Bohemian Rhapsody
 In the Lap Of The Gods...revisited

 Now I'm Here  
 Medley: Big Spender   
               Jailhouse Rock            
               Saturday Night's Alright For Fighting
               Stupid Cupid
               Be Bop A Lula
               Jailhouse Rock

 Most of these US bootlegs in the seventies, are made out in various color on
 the insert. I mean 2 color insert's. It's also not easy to tell the first 'original' versions.   
 Neutral label is offend used on the first pressings. All re-pressings I know, have been
 made out from the original matrix plates.
As mention, various labels exists. Neutrals and various printed ones.

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In 2009 I come over this photo on internet. This is a 2lp 'Seattle 77', but I don't know anything about this production.
Found some info on the net: 2 LP bootleg of the complete master tape, taken from the 2009 torrent; supposedly only 100 copies pressed I wonder if they used the remaster. This copy sold for a respectable GBP 155 in June of 2013.

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Different insert color