1 LP

Label: LV 105  (Cosmic Communications)    
Country: Italy  
Released: Around 1993 
Recorded: Various, see track listing.  
Sound: Excellent  
Cover: Picture Disc bootleg.   
Comments:  Italian picture disc. Collection of various song's. Nice disc, but all tracks well known.
Roots: All tracks collected from other records.   
CD release:  All track available on various cd's.  

 In My Defence  (Freddie solo, studio track)
 Bohemian Rhapsody  (Wembley Stadium, July 86)
 We Will Rock You  (Tokyo, May 11th. 85)
 We Are The Champions  (Tokyo, May 11th. 85)
 Tutti Frutti  (Wembley, July 86)
 Jailhouse Rock  (Tokyo. May 11th. 85)   
 See What A Fool I've Been  (London Dec. 24th 75)
 White Queen  (London Dec. 24th. 75)
 God Save The Queen...(tape)

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