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Label: Milestone
Country: Europe.
Released: Early tracks. Se behind the tracks.
Recorded: Early recording from pre-Queen era. One Queen track from 1973, released on a b-side in 1991.
Sound: Excellent studio recording.
Cover: Color cover.
Comments:  Early recording from pre-Queen era. All track officially released. This is more a pirate record.
This 'In Nuch' record, are heavily re-released several times over the years on vinyl LP & 10Inch vinyl, pic disc & CD's. Basically the same tracks, but with various covers.
Roots: Officially records.

Front cover

 Goin' Back  (Larry Lurex, b-side)
 Polar Bear  (Smile)
 Mad The Swine  (Queen, early track 73, b-side)
 April Lady  (Smile)
 I Can Hear Music  (Larry Lurex, a-side)
 Earth  (Smile)
 Step On Me  (Smile)
 Blag  (Smile)

Re-released by same label in 2019 with new cover. Other re-release available too.  
 Front cover of 2019 re-release.
 Back cover of 2019 re-release.
In June 2023, a re-pressing with this
 cover was made out on WHITE vinyl.

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Back cover