Label: STONED 5 
Country: Sweden
Released: 1977
Recorded: Broendby Hall, Copenhagen  Denmark  May 12th. 1977.  
Sound: Very good mono audience recording.
Cover: Nice full color fouled out cover and labels.
Comments:  I bought my copy from H. Lilliegren, one of the 'Stoned' guy's. I had also a good correspondence with the producer Bolle Gregmar. They told me the following about this album. It's made in 986 copies. 
Recorded from row 15. The plan was from row 10, but inside the hall they found out that row 1-5 was A,B,C,D,E. So they end up in row 15. So the sound quality end up a bit lousier, than what they had expected. And one of the microphones also failed, so it's in mono.
For those who hoping for a complete re-release of this nice show, I'm afraid I must disappoint you all. The police sized everything, also the master tape, as evidence in the court. That's what they told me. The stuff has never been returned.
The running order of the songs, has been mixed to fit onto vinyl disc, and the encore song are missed.
Roots: Original bootleg.

Front cover

 SIDE 1: 
 Intro: 'A Day At The Races' theme  (tape)
 Tie Your Mother Down
 Ogre Battle
 White Queen
 Somebody To Love
 Death On Two Legs
 SIDE 2:
 Medley: Killer Queen
                 Good Old Fashioned Lover Boy
                 The Millionaire Waltz
                 You're My Best Friend
 Bring Back That Leroy Brown
 Brighton Rock
 SIDE 3:
 You Take My Breath Away
 Medley: White Man
                 The Prophet's Song
 Bohemian Rhapsody
 Stone Cold Crazy
 SIDE 4:
 Sweet Lady
 Keep Yourself Alive
 In The Lap Of The Gods.....revisited
 Now I'm Here

  Inside fold-out cover

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