1 LP

Label: QCP Not On Label
Country: Luxembourg or Germany
Released: 1992 (as far as I have found out)
Recorded: Wembley Stadium, London, England July 13th. 1985 & April 20th. 1992
Sound: Excellent pro-recording from television.
Cover: PICTURE DISC, 4 different colors.

Unofficial picture disc in four different colors. Blue, Red, Yellow and Grey, each color limited to 250 copies only and came in a clear plastic sleeve.
Bohemian Rhapsody is miss-spelt on the disc as Bohemiam Rhapsody. Each disc has the same track listing and no track duration on the discs either.
From Queen's Live Aid set at Wembley Stadium July 13th. 1985. And the Freddie Mercury memories concert, from April 20th. 1992 at the same place.

Roots: From the TV broadcast, I guess.

Front cover

 Bohemian Rhapsody  (Wembley 92)
 We Will Rock You  (Wembley 92)
 Hammer To Fall  (Live Aid 85)
 Under Pressure  (Wembley 92)
 Radio Ga Ga  (Live Aid 85)
 Crazy Little Thing Called Love  (Live Aid 85)
 We Will Rock You  (Live Aid 85)
 We Are The Champions  (Live Aid 85)
 Is This The World We Created?  (Live Aid 85)

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Back cover