2 LP

Label: -no info-
Country: Holland.
Released: 1995.
Recorded: Earls Court, London  UK  June 6th. & 7th. 1977.  
Sound: Very good mono soundboard recording.
Cover: Black & white fold-out with color photo. Printed labels.
Comments:  Limited edition to 50 numbered copies. Some promo (overstock ?) copies out with insert sleeve. Also a limited box set 25 numbered copies, with a 120 min. tape or 2cdr + t-shirt and booklet included.
I've been told the encore medley, is from 2nd date. But, can't confirm 100% true. (I guess it's true). See under for more information. All in all, a nice and rare vinyl bootleg. A must for vinyl bootleg collectors.
Roots: Original vinyl bootleg. Video probably copied from a video shown at early UK Queen Fan Club conventions.

Front cover

Back cover

Fold-out cover

LP 1 is black vinyl
LP 2 is white vinyl

 Intro: 'A Day At The Races'  (tape)
 Tie Your Mother Down  (3:45)
 Ogre Battle  (4:55)
 White Queen  (6:38)
 Somebody To Love  (6:16)
 Killer Queen  (2:34)
 Good Old Fashioned Lover Boy  (3:30)   
 The Millionaire Waltz  (2:30)
 You're My Best Friend  (2:00) 
 Bring Back That Leroy Brown  (1:20)  
 Death On Two Legs  (4:50)
 Doin' Alright  (6:00)
 Brighton Rock  (13:30)

 '39  (4:00)
 You Take My Breath Away  (3:45)
 Medley: White Man
                 The Prophet's Song  (11:50)
 Bohemian Rhapsody  (5:10)
 Keep Yourself Alive  (4:50)

 Stone Cold Crazy  (2:08)
 In The Lap Of The Gods.....revisited  (3:50)   
 Now I'm Here  (4:30)
 Liar  (8:20)
(Earls Court, London  June 6th. 1977)

 Medley: Lucille  (2:18)
                Jailhouse Rock  (5:27)
                Stupid Cupid  (1:20)
                Jailhouse Rock  (reprise)
 God Save The Queen  (1:25)
 (Earls Court, London  June 7th. 1977)
Queen played 2 concerts in London this June. The 6th. & 7th.
I've been told this two concerts was planed to be out officially on a 2LP. (Mixed together).   
But, do to technical recording problems, the plan was dropped.
I've been told some instruments get 'lost' on the tape sometimes. But, I can't 
confirm this 100% true.
Anyway, the band did some mistakes sometimes. At least on one of the night.
On this night Brian missing a bit in "Doin' Alright". In "You Take My Breath...."
Roger 'felt' over the drums. You can clearly heard this in the recording. 

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