1 LP

Label: Coda Publishing  CRLVNY 019
Country: Europe
Released: March 2019
Recorded: Estadio Jose Amalfitani, Buenos Aires, Argentina  February 28th. 1981.
Sound: Very good ~ excellent professional recorded sound.
Cover: Color cover.
Comments:  Part of the Argentina concert from the tour in South America spring 1981.
This concert was broadcasted on television and radio. I'm not sure which source 'Coda' label has used on this vinyl bootleg.
Side 2, has same tracks on side 1 of Crazy Little Things 1LP Coda Prod., released same time as thisone. Side 1, has same tracks on side 2 of Playing The Game 1LP Coda Prod., released in February 2019.
So beware of that Coda Production has released, or rather pressed up a handful of Queen vinyl bootlegs, with mixed side's using same matrix plates in the production. Nice music anyway...
Limited release 1000 copies, pressed on clear vinyl.
Roots: From a television or radio broadcast.

Front cover

 Need Your Loving Tonight
 Rock It (Prime Jive)
 Save Me
 Now I'm Here
 Dragon Attack
 Tie Your Mother Down
 Another Bites The Dust
 Sheer Heart Attack
 We Will Rock You
 We Are The Champions

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Back cover