1 LP & 7Inch

Label: Audrey AR 082.  Single has Audrey AR 45 033
Country: Europe.  I've been told this is a Italy production.
Released: January 2022.
Recorded: S1: 1984 (band Brian May played guitar with in 1967) & IBEX (band feat. Freddie 1969).
S2: QUEEN live in early days.
Sound: Not sure, but guess very good ~ excellent.
Cover: Color cover.
Comments:  Another NEW Audrey label vinyl release. This time 1LP & a 7" single release. Vinyl are on WHITE vinyl, single on black vinyl. Limited release of 30 numbered copies.
I'm unsure of all this recordings on side 1. If the tracks are correct, it's very interested tracks. It's seams to be a first time release. I can't remember these tracks on other bootlegs before.

A bit unsure of the single too. 'Keep Yourself Alive' unreleased demo. Interested if correct.
Might be a know demo aswell.
'Brighton Rock', well I haven't heard this raw version. Unsure source.

All photos on this page, are taken from "Queen Unofficial Live Vinyl" facebook page.
Roots: From tapes I think.

Front cover
 Step On Me  (take 1)
 How Can It Be
 Our Love Is Driftin'
 (1984 band feat. Brian May. Studio demo tape 1967)

 So Sweet  (IBEX live 1969, feat Freddie on vocal)

 Ogre Battle  (live in London)
 Liar  (live in London)
 Hangman  (live in Birmingham)

  SIDE 1   7" Single
 Keep Yourself Alive  (unreleased demo)
 SIDE 2   7" Single
 Brighton Rock  (raw multitrack mix)

Front on LP & single. Front cover & label on single. Back cover & label on single

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Back cover

White vinyl LP