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Label: Picture Music International ‎ 03H72037
Country: Japan.
Released: 1992.
Recorded: Various gigs over the years.
Sound: Excellent sound from officially released VHS video & Laser Disc which was released in later year.
Cover: Color cover, same as officially video & laser disc.
Comments:  This bootleg is the sound from the officially VHS & Laser Disc release. Cover is the same as on the officially released format. I have got information about this is a Japanese product.
I have had it since it was released in RED vinyl. I found the black vinyl on internet in February 2021.
I'm unsure when the black one was released.

I have found it on the net for EUR 150.- in February 2021.

Front cover
 SIDE 1     
 I Want It All  (Studio track)
 Crazy Little Thing Called Love (Osaka '82)
 Liar (Rehearsal, London '73 & Rainbow, London 74)
 Another One Bites The Dust (Buenos Aires '81 & Vienna '82)
 Medley: Big Spender
              Jailhouse Rock
              Stupid Cupid (Hammersmith, London X-mas '75)
 My Melancholy Blues (Houston '77)
 Hammer To Fall (Wembley '86)
 Killer Queen (Earls Court '77)
 We Will Rock You (Live Aid, Wembley, '85)     

 Somebody To Love (Milton Keynes '82)
 Tie Your Mother Down (Paris '79, Frankfurt '82 & Rio '85)     
 Keep Yourself Alive (Hammersmith '75 & Tokyo '85)
 Love Of My Life (Sao Paulo '81)
 Stone Cold Crazy (Rainbow '74)
 Radio Ga Ga (Sydney '85)
 You Take My Breath Away (Earls Court '77)
 Sheer Heart Attack (Houston '77)
 We Are The Champions (Knebworth '86 & Frankfurt '82)

 Black vinyl.  Red vinyl

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Back cover