1 LP Pic Disc

Label: On Stage Records ON PD 2249
Country: Italy.
Released: 1994. Info from internet.
Recorded: Side A & B: Wembley Stadium, London, England  July 11th 1986.
Side C & D: See below for information.
Sound: Excellent professional live recordings. Except 'Stone Cold Crazy' which is audience recording.
Cover: Picture Disc Lp's,
Comments:  A collection of live recording. Mostly from Wembley Stadium, London, England on July 11th & 12th 1976. To me, it's looks like most of this 86 tracks are taken from a radio broadcast or from a radio Westwood One promo 3 lp, which contains tracks from

Pic disc side A Vol 2
 Hammer To Fall
 Seven Seas Of Rhye
 Tear It Up
 A Kind Of Magic
 We Are The Champions

 Under Pressure
 Another One Bites The Dust
 I Want To Break Free
 Instrumental Jam
 Now I'm Here
 One Vision 
 Tie Your Mother Down
 (Wembley, London July 86)

 Somebody To Love
 Tokyo Blues  (Instrumental Jam)
 It's A Hard Life
 (Yoyigi Olympic Pool, Tokyo  May 11th. 1985)
 Who Wants To Live Forever  (Wembley July 86)
 Stone Cold Crazy  (live in the seventies)
 Radio Ga Ga  (Wembley, London July 86)

 In The Lap Of The Gods... Revisited
 See What A Fool I've Been
 (Hammersmith Odeon, London  Dec. 24th. 1975)

Card inlay Vol 2 with Rights Society
(Violet stamp on info card).
Card inlay Vol 3 with Rights Society
(Violet stamp on info card).

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Picture disc side B  Vol 2
Picture disc side A  Vol 3
Picture disc side B  Vol 3