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Label: Belgrano Discos RIR 85 
Country: Argentina. Not 100% sure.
Released: April 2019.  (First time I got the info). Beware of various pressings & cover versions.
Recorded: Rio De Janeiro, Brazil  January 11th. & 18th. 1985.  'Rock In Rio' festival. 
Sound: Excellent professional recording. From officially released 1985 video 'Live In Rio'. 
Cover: Color cover. 
Comments:  One more vinyl LP bootleg which contains tracks from the officially VHS video ' Live In Rio'. I would prefer an official Queen album from this Rio festival in 1995. Both concert Queen did at this festival, was professional recorded and filmed. But so far, only this video/ laser disc & later DVD has seen daylight. No vinyl or cd release so far (2023).

Info on cover tells that 500 copies made out. Pressed on color vinyl. Various color vinyl probably exist.
Sometimes dates on bootlegs from this concert's, are listed January 12th. & 19th., since Queen enter the stage after 24:00 at midnight on the 11th & 18th. So actually they play the day after. But, officially dates are January 11th. & 18th. 1985.

In December 2019, I became aware of a vinyl picture disc of this vinyl release to.
And it doesn't stop here. A NEW cover release has also found the way out on the marked. As well as a TEST PRESSING. See info below.
I don't have this 'new' ones. I don't collect everything.
Roots: Officially video 'Live In Rio'. 

Front cover

Back cover

 Tie Your Mother Down
 Seven Seas Of Rhye
 Keep Yourself Alive
 Now I'm Here
 Love Of My Life
 Hammer To Fall
 Bohemian Rhapsody
 Radio Ga Ga
 I Want To Break Free
 We Will Rock You
 We Are The Champions
 God Save The Queen

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  PICTURE DISC release. Back of picture disk NEW different cover release.
Released on CLEAR & black vinyl.
In Nov 2023 I got info of BLUE vinyl
Back of new cover

Test pressing cover. Back of test pressing cover       Black vinyl of the above cover release.
In March 2023, I found this version on ebay for Euro 25,- Looks like BROWN vinyl.