1 LP

Label: PLPPL 1382893     (TFKRL 9001  A & B)
Country: Europe.
Released: Unsure, might be 2017. Have never seen it before April 2017.
Recorded: See info below.
Sound: Audience recording.
Cover: B&W insert sleeve.
Comments:  This is just a copy of side 1 & 2of  of the vinyl 2lp 'Her Majesty Secret Service' TFKRL 9001.
Pressed on yellow vinyl. Other color might exists, but I can't confirm it.
Info on sleeve say's 100 copies made. (Who knows...)
Printed track listing's on the back insert, are in the wrong order & not correct either.
Roots: Side 1 & 2 (LP 1) of 'Her Majesty Secret Service' 2LP (TFKRL 9001)

Front insert

 Killer Queen
 Good Old Fashioned Lover Boy
 In The Lap Of The Gods.....revisited
 Keep Yourself Alive
 Now I'm Here
 Manish Boy (sometimes listed as "I'm A Man")
 Jailhouse Rock
 The Apollo, Glasgow  Scotland  May 30th 1977

 Somebody To Love 
 The Millionaire Waltz 
 You're My Best Friend 
 It's Late
 My Melancholy Blues
 Medley: Big Spender
               Sheer Heart Attack
               Jailhouse Rock
 Deutschland hall, Berlin Germany  April 28th 1978

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